1. Gaming

    What Does Your Favorite Video Game Genre Say About You?

    Mario or Zelda? Plants vs. Zombies or Farmville? MMO or puzzle game? These days, there's a video game genre out there to fit everyone's tastes, but if there's a game custom tailored to hit every possible market, what does a game genre say about the players who choose to play it? PBS Game/Show has some ideas.

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  2. Entertainment

    Our Friend Bill Nye Talks Bow Ties in New PBS/NOVA Secret Life of Scientists Video

    Our friend Bill Nye is being profiled in the new PBS/NOVA series The Secret Life of Scientists that premieres March 4th. It's no secret that Nye is a fan of bow ties, and in this clip he answers a lot of questions about his fashion choice. I know the bow ties are the focus here, but that jacket though... Nye's got style.

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  3. Science

    Let’s Talk about the Science of Kissing with It’s Okay To Be Smart [Video]

    Kissing is fun, but it's also incredibly weird. Like, who was the first person to think, "Hey that person is cute, I would like to exchange saliva with them and possibly accidentally knock them in the teeth?" Luckily, the reassuringly titled PBS web series It's Okay To Be Smart is here to tell us just why kissing feels so good in the first place.

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  4. Gaming

    2013′s Big Gaming Changes Brought to You by Game/Show

    2013 was a big year for gaming with new consoles and an explosion on Internet gaming spectatorship. Now that they year is drawing to a close, Game/Show is here to recap it all for you and take a look at what it means for the future in what is absolutely not an end-of-the-year list. Nope. Just an ordered explanation of numbered facts.

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  5. Gaming

    PBS Game/Show Moves Past Simply Asking if Games Are Racist and Instead Asks Why

    PBS Game/Show points out racism in games and asks the more important question of why games are racist. Predominantly white characters may come from demographical misconceptions and slightly lame technical issues, but there's no excuse for the stereotype status of some racial depictions.

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  6. Gaming

    PBS Game/Show Asks “Will There Always Be Violent Video Games?”

    We've talked a lot about violence in video games because we love video games, and well, they're violent. Instead of asking whether or not video games should be violent, host Jamin Warren looks at why they're violent. The simple answer is that games of all kinds are violent, but take a few minutes and let Jamin explain.

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  7. Gaming

    Episode 2 of PBS Game/Show Looks at LET’S PLAY Video Popularity

    YouTube is LET'S PLAY's world, and we're just living in it. Videos of other people playing and commenting on video games are an huge part of Internet gaming culture, which is exactly the thing Game/Show wants to take a look at. We really love Game/Show.

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  8. Entertainment

    Paul Giamatti Cast as Maverick Playboy in Season Four of Downton Abbey

    Downton Abbey doesn't really need to get any better than it is now, but it's going to anyway. Paul Giamatti is joining the PBS Masterpiece masterpiece for the finale of its fourth season. He's unfortunately apparently only appearing in that one episode, but hopefully we can expect him to return for season five. So who is he playing?

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  9. Weird

    New Mister Rogers Remixed: “Sing Together” [Video]

    John D. Boswell, aka melodysheep, is back together with PBS Digital Studios to bring you another fantastically soothing and inspirational remix of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. This time around the autotune and sick beats are especially appropriate, as the video is called "Sing Together" and deals almost entirely with music and rhythm. Honestly, watching Fred Rogers try his hand at a number of cool instruments is worth the 4 minutes of your time even without the awesomeness of Boswell's composition.

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  10. Entertainment

    Earth’s Mightiest Broadcasters Team Up for This PBS: The Movie Avengers Parody [Video]

    We've shown you some of the videos by Gritty Reboots before, but PBS: TheMovie stands out for a few reasons. The first being that we love us some PBS, but it also stands out because we can't imagine something we'd want to watch more than a movie where Fred Rogers, Carl Sagan, Bob Ross, and Bill Nye team up to kick some ass.

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  11. Weird

    Do Knock-Offs Show the Value of the Original? [Video]

    Knock-offs are everywhere! From faux Rolexes on the street to those fake Tickle Me Elmos to that one actually-kind-of-cool laser-gun-robot that clearly was supposed to be like Megatron I had as a kid. Turns out, knock-offs is a ubiquitous and powerful phenomena, and of course we see it every day. In the latest PBS Idea Channel video, host Mike Rugnetta offers a thoughtful point-and-counterpoint on the subject. Sometimes the counterfeit is just as good as the "real thing" or better, and he tells you why. Then again, buying knock-offs has its consequences.

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  12. Tech

    PBS Off Book Asks: Will 3D Printing Change the World? [Video]

    3D printing is most certainly going to have a profound effect on the way we do business going forward, but will it actually change that world? That's the question asked by PBS Off Book's latest video. They look at what can be accomplished in the future when it comes to 3D printing, and even what's already been done. It's a brave new world in a lot of ways, and we're only just getting a real glimpse of the horizon.

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  13. Entertainment

    Futurama Just Might Be the Best Argument Against Transhumanism [Video]

    Look, I'm not going to pretend that I'm a font of knowledge when it comes to transhumanism. The idea's a neat one though. In a nutshell, we'll eventually reach a point where technology will supplant all our involuntary problems like aging. PBS Idea Channel, however, thinks that Futurama might perhaps be the best argument against transhumanism. Whether you agree or disagree, host Mike Rugnetta makes an interesting argument.

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  14. Entertainment

    Take a Journey into Imagination with “Reading Rainbow Remixed” [Video]

    Forgive the brief moment of nostalgic adulation, but LeVar Burton is truly a god among mortal men. Having the uncanny ability to instill a lasting appreciation for literature and take us on glorious adventures without even leaving the comfort of our armchairs, it's no wonder why the world can't get enough of the guy. In a gesture of praise and reverence, John D. Boswell -- the creative mind behind PBS Digital Studios' "Icons Remixed" series -- presents his latest accomplishment: "Reading Rainbow Remixed." And you don't have to take our word for it...

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  15. Tech

    The Worlds of Viral Video Explained for Everyone [Video]

    What, exactly, is a viral video? That's what this PBS Off Book video attempts to tackle. Sprinkled throughout you'll find delicious nuggets of videos we all know and love as well as, perhaps, a few you've never seen. They speak with a number of people who are in the know, including but not limited to Jonah Peretti from BuzzFeed, Brad Kim from Know Your Meme, and Casey Neistat on the nature of viral video and the future of what's quickly becoming the goal for many content producers.

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