Peanut Butter

  1. Weird

    You Got Chocolate In My Peanut Butter! And Both of Them In My Oil Spill!

    Fact: There is no situation in life so bleak that it can't be improved, if not entirely solved, by a liberal application of candy. For proof of this statement, look no further than a recently developed chemical that promises to use the ingredients in peanut butter and chocolate to clean up oil spills, like the one that resulted from the Deepwater Horizon disaster. Because like the Planeteers, when chocolate and peanut butter combine their powers, there is pretty much nothing they can't do -- including save the environment.

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  2. Weird

    NutLiquor: Peanut Butter Vodka

    NutLiquor (be careful where you say that out loud) is a new peanut butter flavored vodka by Pandora Spirits, a Michigan-based company that is totally down with weird alcohol flavorings. NutLiquor is not just designed to taste like peanut butter, but specifically the kind of peanut butter from a peanut butter cup, you know, the really sugary-sweet kind. Miraculously, it doesn't involve anything that will trigger peanut butter allergies and is designed to be enjoyed neat. I've never found any vodka that I enjoyed neat, but if there was one that might be able to pull it off, it would probably have to be something like this.

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  3. Weird

    Thanks, Japan America: Candwich, the Canned Sandwich


    No, this is not a Japanese product, but it has a bizarre, All-American backstory: A fellow by the name of Travis L. Wright, who allegedly defrauded real estate investors out of millions to develop, among other things, sandwiches in a can. Now, his brainchild is ready to see the light of day: America, meet the Candwich, which is (drumroll) a sandwich in a can.

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  4. Science

    Make Peanut Butter From Scratch

    If you want to make peanut butter at home but don't have a food processor (or don't want to have to clean it), British retailer Giles & Posner has one solution for you: a peanut butter maker, which not only processes peanuts, but can also be used on sunflower seeds, cashews, and macadamia nuts.

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