1. Weird

    The Internet Loves Making Penguin Sweaters

    Dear Internet: if you are currently knitting a sweater for a penguin impacted by an oil spill, pause! Philip Island Penguin Foundation made a public plea for sweaters yesterday, but use your yarn cautiously; in the past, these requests have resulted in thousands of unnecessary sweaters. Internet, for once, you are being too kind.

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  2. Science

    British Penguins Stressed-Out by Excessive Rain Are Taking Antidepressants

    You know how it goes. You're hanging out with all of your penguin buddies, giving rocks as signs of affection, enjoying the snow and being adorable... and then you're in a zoo in Britain in a record-breaking rainy season, and it really bums you out. That's why zookeepers in Britain are slipping their penguins antidepressants.

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  3. Entertainment

    Animal Planet Also Has a Live Streaming Penguin Cam!

    Let's go ahead and add penguins to the "List of Things Geekosystem Thinks Are More Interesting Than Football," so imagine our delight to find that Animal Planet, along with their Puppy Cam, has one for the penguin cheerleaders as well!

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  4. Science

    Cold as Ice and Then Some: Penguins Are Colder Than the Air Around Them

    A team of European penguin researchers found some unexpected results when they turned infrared heat sensing cameras on a group of emperor penguins they were studying. The outer layer of the birds feathers, they found, was actually colder than the surrounding air. While it goes against common sense, keeping their outermost layers ice-cold may actually help penguins stay warm deeper inside -- where it counts.

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  5. Weird

    Penguin Cam Shows Life From A Penguin’s Point of View (Spoiler: There Are Lots of Fish) [Video]

    People become scientists for a lot of reasons. Because they enjoy solving the mysteries of the universe, or want to make the world a better place to live, or just because it's a career that helps them finish the death ray they're working on in their basement. These are all noble reasons for wanting to do science -- especially the death ray thing -- but none of them is the best reason. The best reason to become a scientist, clearly, is so you can strap small cameras to Adelie penguins and make videos about their lives under the sea like the one you can watch below.

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  6. Science

    Researchers Reveal Science Behind Penguin Snuggling

    Sharing isn't always caring, it would seem. In penguins, for example, sharing seems to be the result of being kind of a jerk. Researchers investigating the physics of how penguins share warmth by huddling together on particularly cold Antarctic days found that each penguin is trying only to maximize the heat it retains while snuggling with its colleagues, but that the result is an egalitarian cuddle pile in which every penguin has more or less the same access to warmth. In other more important news, there are researchers working hard on revealing the science behind penguin snuggling, because hooray for science.

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  7. Science

    You Can Now Tour Historic Antarctica from Home With Google Street View

    Google could already take you to some pretty amazing places with Google Maps, but their World Wonders project has upped the ante with remarkable locations from across the globe accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. Now Antarctica, once considered the last frontier, can be wandered with street view. But more importantly: There are penguins.

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  8. Science

    Researchers Complete Skeleton of Enormous Ancient Penguin

    Dr. Dan Ksepka from North Carolina State University is fascinated by penguins, but has taken a particular shine to the ancient Kairuku penguin. Originally discovered in 1977 by Dr. Ewan Fordyce, the fossilized remains of Kairuku hinted at an aquatic bird of enormous stature. Now, decades after its discovery, Ksepka and his colleuges have completed a Kairuku skeleton and figure that the bird stood at an impressive at four-foot two-inches.

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  9. Weird

    Penguin and Polar Bear Ice Cubes Are Cool, Encourage Awful Puns

    In the ancient times, a sage philosopher once asked the famous question "what's cooler than being cool?" Now, you all know from your years and years of schooling that the appropriate answer is "ice cold," but there is more to it than that my friends; it's about being ice cold and making self-aware references to it. Enter Polar-Ice from Monos. The ice cubes produced by these trays are cool in more ways than one. They are made out of ice, for example. Also, they utilize high-tech iceberg technology to ensure that your icy polar animals stay afloat above the water as their ice floes flow around in your drink. That is, until they start melting. Commentary on global warming anyone? Clearly, if you're looking for ice cubes fraught with meaning and enjoy watching an ecosystem slowly dissolve in your drink, these are the ice cubes for you. All the cool kids are using them. (Monos via Super Punch)

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  10. Weird

    Penguin Made Out of a Typewriter

    Artist and sculptor Jeremy Mayer created the above penguin made out of typewriter parts. The sculpture stands thirteen inches tall and Mayer had the lucky opportunity to study penguin skeletons in order to recreate the likeness.

    (Jeremy Mayer via Boing Boing)

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  11. Weird

    Ever Hear How a Penguin Being Tickled Sounds? [Video]

    Today I learned that penguins have a weird laugh. Also, I learned that penguins laugh. Have a happy Saturday.

    (via BuzzFeed)

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  12. Weird

    Don’t Worry, This Penguin Makes the Jump [Video]

    Over at Boulders Beach in South Africa, this penguin almost gives us all heart attacks. Luckily, it makes the jump and instead of horrifying, the above video is adorable.

    (via The Daily What)

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  13. Weird

    This Penguin is Super Excited for 2011

    Either that or he's trying to convince some parental units that he can TOTALLY stay up until midnight, mom, GOD! (via Neatorama.)

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  14. Science

    Acheologists Uncover Five-Foot-Tall Ancient Penguin

    What's grey and white and brownish-red all over? This recently discovered extinct Peruvian penguin. Inkayacu paracasensis (a name that means 'water king,' how cool is that) lived during the late Eocene period, and was probably a very deep diver. Says Dr. Julia Clarke, leader of the University of Texas' study on the animal:
    One thing that's interesting in living penguins is that how deep they dive correlates with body size... The heavier the penguin, the deeper it dives. If that holds true for any penguins, then the dive depths achieved by these giant forms would've been very different.
    Paleontologists were able to figure out the color of the enormous bird because its feathers were fossilized along with its bones.

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  15. Weird

    Penguins Chasing a Butterfly [Video]

    This is a video of penguins chasing a butterfly.

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