1. Weird

    Peru Wants to Make Sure You’re Never Nude at Machu Picchu, Stop Getting Naked There, Everyone

    Some people just really like to be naked, which is why we have things like nude beaches and homes, but Peru is putting the brakes on everyone's favorite nude Inca Citadel—mostly because that's not a thing. At least, it's not supposed to be, but they're having a problem with people dropping trou at Machu Picchu.

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  2. Weird

    Want Clean Water? There’s a Billboard For That

    When you walk or drive by a billboard, you're probably (a) delighted by what's being advertised, (b) annoyed at what's being advertised, or (c) annoyed by the eyesore the whole thing presents. What you're probably not thinking is, "I sure could use a glass of water. How about I head over there and fill up?" But in Lima, Peru, there's a billboard for that. An ad agency and the University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC) have installed a billboard that produces clean water.

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  3. Science

    Tiny Amazonian Spider Builds Decoys of Larger Spiders

    Bad news, arachnophobes. Biologists working in the Peruvian Amazon believe they may have discovered a new species of spider -- a tiny spider that builds decoys of larger spiders in its web, and manipulates them like puppets. Puppets that are even more terrifying than regular puppets, because they look like spiders.. Commence being creeped out for very good

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  4. Science

    Group Builds Application to Find Duo Lost in Peruvian Andes [UPDATE]

    In what could either be the worst publicity stunt ever or a fascinating use of the internet, the folks behind Tomnod have created an application where people can comb through satellite imagery from the Andes in order to try and find two friends that have gone missing in the mountains. If users find evidence of hikers, camps, or recent avalanches, the instructions say to mark them and the data will be aggregated to provide decent data as to where Ben Horne and Gil Weiss have gone.

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