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    #FollowFriday: Phil Plait (@badastronomer)

    It's Friday and Twitter is still a thing, so we're going to tell you who to follow. This week we'd like to point you towards science lover Phil Plait (@badastronomer) for some fun science times.

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  2. Science

    No. The Snow Outside Isn’t a Plastic Nanobot Government Chemtrail Conspiracy, Dummies. Let Us Explain

    Before you post that video of yourself "burning" that "chemtrail snow" outside to prove your insane conspiracy theory -- stop. Don't. Read this first and learn how snow works, lest you run the risk of looking like a stupid person on the Internet. That burning snow outside? Yeah. That's just regular snow.

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  3. Space

    Meet Our Friend Bill Nye and Other Space Experts at SpaceVision 2013

    Bill Nye will give the keynote on November 7 to kick off SpaceVision 2013, which is this year's edition of the biggest annual student-organized space conference in the United States. The four day conference gives students and the public a rare chance to network with professionals and academics and learn what's happening in space.

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  4. Space

    Wisconsin Marvels at Giant Possible Meteor

    At 10pm CDT night, what appeared to be a huge meteor dazzled Wisconsin residents, reportedly causing sonic booms in some areas and filling the sky "as if a full moon just peeked out from a cloud."

    Officials at the National Weather Service have not been able to confirm that it was in fact a meteor, but they said that meteor showers were expected to peak in the Wisconsin area around April 14, according to Wisconsin TV station WKOW, and so it was "likely" to have been one.

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  5. Entertainment

    New, Geek Cameo-Packed “We Love xkcd” Video Will Make Your Heart Go Boom De Yada

    Quick: what do Neil Gaiman, Wil Wheaton, Cory Doctorow, Lawrence Lessig, Bruce Schneier, Jason Kottke, Phil Plait, MC Frontalot, and many more have in common? Answer: they've all teamed up to make a new "We Love xkcd" video, where they sing their love of the Internet, cryptography, your sister, and more, in homage to the classic xkcd strip "xkcd Loves the Discovery Channel." Video after the jump:

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