1. Weird

    The Philosoraptor Pop Song [Video]

    Bucky Studios compiled some of the best Philosoraptor musings and put it to a generic pop song just in time for the new year. Move over, Auld Lang Syne, and allow us to question existence itself for the new year, rather than forgetting auld acquaintances.

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  2. Weird

    Philosoraptor’s 50 Wisest Musings

    Image macro memes are a dime a dozen. But then there's Philosoraptor, the contemplative dinosaur that makes us think even as we laugh. Originally a t-shirt design, he's transformed into so much more, asking profound questions like "if time gets frozen and then reactivated, for how long was it frozen?" and "if a robot does 'The Robot,' is it still called 'The Robot,' or just ... dancing?" Below, 50 of Philosoraptor's wisest musings:

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