1. Entertainment

    Unsurprisingly, Michael Bay’s Ninja Turtles Look Better Without Real Noses

    After seeing these photoshopped images that removed those terrifying noses from the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters, we have to wonder: what is it about the snouts that make the turtles so much more appealing?

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  2. Weird

    West Des Moines Police Department Shows Off Killer Photoshop Skills to Warn You Not to Drink and Drive

    Don't drink and drive or you might turn into a weird sad looking stick person and go to jail. At least that's the message we're taking away from this image posted to the West Des Moines police department's Facebook page yesterday as a warning to St. Patrick's Day drinkers. Seriously though, don't drink and drive.

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  3. Entertainment

    Movie Theater Uses Photoshop Instead of Real Thor 2 Poster Because the World Is a Magical Place

    Imagine it: you are going to see Thor 2: The Dark World at the Shanghai Bona Insun International Cineplex. No doubt you're probably excited to watch all your favorite Norse gods battle it out a second time. And then you turn the corner and see -- this. Could it get any better? No, it can't.

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  4. Science

    Don’t You Believe It: Fake Photos From Hurricane Sandy

    There's no shortage of impressive photos of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy, as we showed you earlier. Of course, a steady supply of real photos isn't going to stop some people from passing along faked ones, whether to get their jollies or just because they don't know any better. Here are some of the most famous fakes of Hurricane Sandy so far -- some of which may even seem familiar.

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  5. Entertainment

    Etsy User Will Photoshop Nicholas Cage’s Head on Your Body for $12

    Need a picture of Nicolas Cage's head photoshopped onto your body in 2 hours or less? First of all, what is wrong with you? Second, there's someone who will be more than happy to do that. Etsy user JazzberryBlue is currently running a promotion where he will perform this service for you at the low, low cost of $12. That's not even the only dish on the menu.

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  6. Tech

    Photoshop Touch for iPad 2 Released Today for $9.99

    Image manipulation wizards rejoice! Adobe's mobile Photoshop, Photoshop Touch, has now released on the iPad 2, for a paltry sum of $9.99. Your device has to be updated and running iOS 5, or else the app won't be compatible. This version of Photoshop takes core features from its big brother and stuffs them into the tablet, so you can touch up pictures by adding aliens into the background on the go.

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  7. Tech

    Photoshop CS6′s Content-Aware Fill Features Are Impressive

    The prominence of Photoshop and its amazing capabilities have taught us that we can never really trust our eyes when presented with things on the Internet. Adobe's image manipulation tool has always been impressive, to the point where we can't quite tell if simple pictures are real or not anymore. In Adobe's latest sneak peek of Photoshop CS6, they show off some of the ridiculously impressive content-aware fill features. Need to move a girl to the other side of a field, but not have a girl-shaped hole in the picture where she used to be? No problem. Want to make the roof above her extend further? It takes roughly five seconds and looks like you never manipulated it at all. Check out the sneak peek after the break, and if you don't regularly manipulate images via a digital toolset, prepared to be impressed.

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  8. Gaming

    Gorgeous Photoshopped Poké Balls

    Barry Wazzy (wazzy88) of deviantART is what you'd call "good at Photoshop." He's made a collection of absolutely gorgeous poké balls, mostly realistic-looking, as well as even made a few Okami-themed poké balls, because why not? Check them out after the break.

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  9. Tech

    Here is Your Reminder That Photoshop is Powerful, and People are Very Talented [Video]

    The above video is your reminder of the age in which we live, where we have a piece of software that can be used in such a way to digitally draw a girl and manipulate said drawing to the point where it looks like a real person. Photoshop and the people who use it are impressive. Take that, painting.

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  10. Tech

    Adobe Demos New Photoshop Unblur Feature to Gasps and Applause

    CSI has made somewhat of a meme (no, not the sunglasses) out of image ENHANCEment, and people knowledgable on the subject have done a lot of work to explain to us that it is not how image enhancement works. Adobe, ever the photo-editing pioneer, is aiming to change that, and with the unveiling of their new unblurring algorithm, it seems that they have taken great strides toward the CSI fantasy.

    The unblur feature was shown at Adobe's MAX 2011 where it was used to clarify a blurry picture of a crowd at what appears to be a mall. The algorithm actually calculates the movement of the camera during the time the shutter was open and uses it to retroactively correct the blurring that occurred. Impressive. Perhaps as shocking as the unblur feature itself was the crowd's reaction. Immediately after the demonstration, there were first gasps, then applause, then several shouts of "That's impossible" and "H-how does it do that?" No word on when the feature will be available to the public, but it has to take some serious computing power. Still, it's an incredible advancement. We are living in the future, my friends.

    Video after the jump. Watch it. Really. It's a little shaky, but the crowd reactions alone are worth it.

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  11. Gaming

    Pokémon Level Up in Realism, Creepiness

    If you thought the idea of Pokémon was always a little weird, well, it just got a little weirder. Remember how the ghost Pokémon would always scare the characters out of their wits despite being sort of cute? Well, just imagine if it had been these bad boys instead and it makes a little more sense. Stephen Lefcourt took it upon himself to make some Photoshop images of what several Pokémon might look like in real life and though he's only done a handful so far, who knows what others may pop up on his flickr down the line. Check out the rest of these curiosities after the jump and be careful in that tall grass.

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  12. Weird

    Vegan Magazine Busted Photoshopping the Meat Out of Food Photos

    That's one way to make vegan food actually taste good: The bloggers at QuarryGirl busted VegNews, "the nation’s premier print and online vegan magazine," running photographs of prepared 'vegan' recipes that, upon examination, were in fact Photoshopped stock photos of recipes containing meat. In the photo side-by-side above, which is probably the most egregious of the bunch, VegNews took an iStockphoto of a barbeque ribs dinner, photoshopped out the bones, and called it "vegan spare ribs." QuarryGirl:

    it’s sad, then, that the pictures we’ve been drooling over for years are actually of MEAT! Veg News has written tens (possibly hundreds) of articles extolling the virtues of a vegan lifestyle, while purchasing rock-bottom priced stock photos of MEAT, EGGS, DAIRY and other completely non-vegan things.
    VegNews, for its part, has issued a statement [pdf], which explains that "it is simply not financially feasible for VegNews at this time" to custom-shoot every food spread, and that there are not enough stock photos of vegan food for them to use. "We would love nothing more than to use only vegan photography shot by vegan photographers, and we hope to be there soon." (QuarryGirl via TDW via Giz)

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  13. Entertainment

    The Mona Lisa without the Mona Lisa

    I hope this starts a trend: Artist Mike Ruiz ran the Mona Lisa through Adobe Photoshop CS5's mindbending content-aware fill tool, which generated its best guess as to what the space behind Mona held. He then sent the resulting image to a Chinese oil painting manufacturer to lay to canvas. This is the result. Art historians will no doubt be interested to learn that there were apparently a lot of shrubberies in the background. See also: Andy Baio's viral video backgrounds. (via Gizmodo | Artist's page)

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  14. Tech

    Whoa: Adobe Demos Photoshop for iPad

    Adobe and Apple may have had their past squabbles over Apple's refusal to make the iPad run Flash, but Adobe isn't vindictive. The video above, taken at Photoshop World 2011, shows that Adobe has been hard at work developing an incredible Photoshop app for the iPad. Adobe currently offers an app called Photoshop Express for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, but this looks an order of magnitude better. This app isn't obviously underpowered like Photoshop Express, nor does it merely attempt to port over the features of desktop Photoshop without regard for platform: Rather, it knows and behaves like it's a touchscreen app without being reduced to a dinky toy. No word on when this will be released or what it will even be called. This probably wouldn't meet many needs of hardcore graphic designers with a pixel-by-pixel attention to detail, but it certainly gives the lie to the tired line about the iPad being a device for consumption and not for creation. (via Drawn)

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  15. Space

    Ever Wondered How NASA Photoshops Their Images? Watch This Video

    NASA generally releases some fairly pretty pictures of things that we humans who don't have NASA-style funding wouldn't ever be able to see. Well, it turns out NASA doesn't necessarily see the things they're releasing pictures of either, at least, not how they look in said released pictures. From HubbleSite:

    Hubble images are made, not born. Images must be woven together from the incoming data from the cameras, cleaned up and given colors that bring out features that eyes would otherwise miss. In this video from HubbleSite, online home of the Hubble Space Telescope, a Hubble-imaged galaxy comes together on the screen at super-fast speed.

    (HubbleSite via Gizmodo)

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