piranha plant

  1. Weird

    DIY Man-Sized Fire-Breathing Piranha Plant Makes Us Wonder Why It Took This Long to Make One [Video]

    Hack A Day's Caleb Kraft impressed us last week with a replica of Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, that actually shot lightning. Well, it sparked pretty mightily, anyway, and that was good enough for us. This week, Kraft is back with a new project in the same vein -- a model of the iconic piranha plant that stands over six feet tall and shoots fire from its gaping foam maw. 

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  2. Gaming

    Today is a Certain Day, and This Pipe is From a Certain Iconic Geek Culture Institution

    Because today is a certain day that you may or may not observe, but you probably like neat Mario art year round, here’s this glass Piranha Plant pipe. Best of all, it’s an Etsy product (because of course it’d be), so you can purchase one for your collection of either pipes or Piranha Plant paraphernalia. [...]

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