1. Weird

    Domino’s Now Offers Pizza With Fried Chicken Instead of Dough

    Domino's just launched a new product called "Specialty Chicken," which sounds much worse than it is, and it sounds pretty bad. "Specialty Chicken" is a pizza that replaces dough with chicken then adds sauce, cheese, and other toppings. They also launched a new slogan with "Failure is an Option." It sure is, Domino's. It sure is.

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  2. Weird

    Artist Makes Incredible Pizza Portraits of People’s Pizza Faces

    Da Vinci had his paintbrush, Michelangelo worked with marble, and Wilhelm Rodriguez, an artist and chef at Papa's Pizza in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, uses a delicious medium to create alarmingly accurate portraits. Here are some of our favorites.

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  3. Weird

    Chefs Settle the Deep Dish Debate Once and for All: Chicago Pizza Is Not Actually Pizza

    Four out of four chefs (kind of) agree: New York has the best pizza. Professionals have finally weighed in on the Chicago vs. New York slice war, and it's finally, definitively settled, that's it, forever, no take-backs... deep dish pizza is not actually pizza.

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  4. Science

    NPR Is Very Concerned That We Know How Much Pizza Is the Right Amount of Pizza

    Quoctrung Bui of NPR is deeply concerned that the citizens of America aren't making informed decisions about their size of pizza pie. Inspired by sharing a slice with a pizza-savvy economist, she worked with Grubhub/Seamless to compile a graph to conclusively demonstrate that more pizza is always the best kind of pizza.

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  5. Weird

    Chevron Apologizes for Fracking Site Explosion With Free Pizza

    In a single move Chevron has managed to demonstrate that they are bad at apologies, public relations, and preventing explosions. After a deadly February 11 explosion at a fracking site near Bobtown, Pennsylvania, the corporation is giving out coupons for free pizza, because that's how complacent Chevron thinks their consumer base is.

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  6. Weird

    The Army Has Developed Patriotic Pizza That Will Stay Fresh For Years

    For years, U.S. Military Labs have been cooking up technology to drastically improve the lives of soldiers in the field. After lengthy research and much anticipation, food science has finally done the impossible and created a pizza that stays edible for years, even in hot climates. Little Caesars, you should be ashamed.

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  7. Weird

    If You Love Pizza Hut so Much Why Don’t You Marry It? Or at Least Check Out Its OKCupid Profile

    Lonely this Valentine's Day? Don't worry, Pizza Hut is there for you--at least if you have an OKCupid profile. It does too. Yes. Now you can date a pizza franchise, just like Saint Valentine intended. (That's what Valentine's Day is about, right?) You could also WIN FREE PIZZA FOR LIFE!

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  8. Science

    3D Printed Pizza Is a Real Thing, Please Excuse Us, We’re Hungry Now

    Yes, we finally have 3D printed pizza. That's right, everyone can relax now and stop working on the 3D printing technology. It has reached its ultimate goal. Wait, you should probably keep working on it, because the cheese and spices still had to be added after the fact. Or because the technology might just be super useful. Whatever.

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  9. Tech

    Domino’s Drone Delivers Unnerving Vision of Grim Future, Also Pizza

    Love getting pizza delivered straight to your door but wish there were a way to further minimize human interaction in the course of your day? Domino's is here to help, using flying drones to send pizzas to the homes of hungry customers, because if there's anything better than pizza -- and I'm not saying there is -- it's pizza brought to you by a robot.

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  10. Tech

    NASA Wants a 3D Printer That Prints Pizza and So Should Everyone Else

    People are using 3D printing technology for all kinds of things -- even guns! Anjan Contractor thinks 3D printing can solve the world's hunger problem, and NASA is backing him with a $125,000 grant to build his food printer. Since 3D printing food requires that food to be built in layers, what better food to start with than pizza?

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  11. Gaming

    Sign of the End Times: Pizza Hut App Lets You Order Pizza Without Letting Go of Xbox Controller

    The dark ages of eating pizza and playing video games are coming to an end now that Pizza Hut has released its official Xbox ordering app, sparing us all the grim fate of putting down the controller to order a pizza. Truly, we live in the future. Now we get to find out how long the future will put up with this kind of crap.

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  12. Weird

    Russian Man Takes Four Hostages, Only Demands Are A Pizza And A Sprite

    Today in "Totally Reasonable Ransoms" news, a Russian man armed with a handgun and explosives took four people hostage on a college campus. In return for the continued safety of his captives, he had some pretty simple, if slightly confusing, conditions. It turns out, the hostage taker just needed a good meal, demanding only a pizza and a Sprite from police. Which is really shooting rather low, if you ask us. Dude could have gotten a helicopter!

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  13. Weird

    Tearful Robber Holds Up Papa John’s for Money, Walks Away With Pizza Instead

    The cardinal rule of any successful robbery -- whether it be a bank, store, or any other establishment carrying copious amounts of cash -- is to maintain control of one's emotions throughout the duration of the forced transaction until it is complete. In other words, do try to keep it cool. A neophyte robber in Helena, Montana failed to heed this adage when holding up a local Papa John's, turning what otherwise should have been a tense situation into an awkward one when he broke down and started bawling in front of the clerk and everyone waiting in line for pizza.

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  14. Weird

    Only in Canada Can One Smell Like Freshly Made Pizza

    The borders to our Canadian cousins are so close, and yet we tend to do things oh so differently. You see, in the United States, it's frowned upon to reek of the processed and entirely unnatural fast food we tend to scoff down on a regular basis. A scarlet letter indicative of a poor diet and even poorer hygiene, if you will. Canada, on the other hand, views the musk of such edible delights as a badge of honor and mark of loyalty for one's restaurant chain of choice. To reward such unwavering devotion, Pizza Hut Canada handed out bottles of Eau de Pizza Hut -- a pizza-scented perfume -- to 110 lucky Facebook fans after reaching a momentous 100,000 likes on their fan page.

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  15. Science

    New Pain Relief Method Could Mean No Pizza Is Too Hot To Eat Ever Again

    In a stunning blow to the very heart of first world problems, a team of researchers from the University of Texas will present their latest development: An oral strip that dissolves in the mouth and numbs the pain brought on by eating, for example, a piece of pizza on which the cheese was still too hot. With this announcement, all of the important ailments of our world have been officially addressed by science. I guess we'll have to put these guys to work doing something boring like curing cancer, now.

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