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  1. Entertainment

    They Might Be Giants Wants to Sell You Famous Cryptid Playing Cards

    When the greatest rock band in the world decides to start try and sell us the greatest playing card deck we've seen in quite some time, how are we supposed to resist? We have no idea, which is why we will be purchasing these limited-edition cryptid playing cards from They Might Be Giants post-haste. This is probably a thing you should also do if, you know, you like things that are good.

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  2. Weird

    These Chinese Factory Workers Are Way Too Good at Packing Cards [Video]

    Though the above video's title is fairly unappealing, watching these playing card factory employees work is instantly impressive. The first employee's hands, in particular, move so fast they're actually a little difficult to follow, and if you glance at the video in passing, you might think it's just some guy smacking his hands on a table for no reason.

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  3. Tech

    Internet Meme Playing Cards Project Seeking Funds on Kickstarter

    Ray Thomas has a dream, one in which he makes a deck of standard playing cards, but each card features an image macro, one of the more common Internet memes. There are certainly enough image macros to spread across 52 separate cards, so all Thomas needs is the money to produce them. Welcome to life, Thomas. Luckily for Thomas (and us), there's this website called Kickstarter that is pretty well-known for kickstarting projects in need of funds. Ray Thomas is seeking to pledge $4,200 by February 16, a price quoted to him by card manufacturers, to make all of his (and our) image macro playing card dreams come true.

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