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    PS4 Owners, You’re About to Get Video Editing Capabilities in an Update

    The PlayStation 4 is crushing it in terms of sales, but the Xbox One still has some things the PS4 doesn't. At least, it does for now. While Xbox One owners can brag that they can edit their captured gameplay footage on the system itself and their PS4 counterparts can't, they won't be able to for much longer.

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    Future Final Fantasy Games for the PC? Thanks Square Enix!

    Looks like we will have more chocobos flooding our computer screens. According to the producer, Yoshinori Kitase, hopefully in the near future, the beloved Final Fantasy franchise will make it's way to the PC and this is very exciting news for gamers.

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    PlayStation 4 Closing in on Wii U Sales Numbers, Looks to Be King This Generation

    After the fastest-selling console launch in history back in November, the PlayStation 4 has continued to rack up impressive sales numbers, and Sony has just announced that the console has topped 5.3 million units sold worldwide. For comparison, the Wii U's sales numbers in December, more than a year after its launch, were at 5.86 million.

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    Kids React to XBox One Vs. Playstation 4, Would Like You All To Stop Fighting Now [Video]

    Let's be real -- as much as the marketing behind the newest series of consoles has tried to court adults with the expendable income to spend a whole bunch of money on different games, it's the little kids that they want to hook early. The Fine Brothers sat their regular suspects down to ask them their thoughts about video games as a whole.

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    PlayStation 4 Causes a Surge in Online Gameplay Streaming

    The PlayStation 4 comes with the built-in ability to stream a user's gaming session live over Twitch's Internet streaming service. In the weeks since the PS4's launch, that ability has caused a huge boom in users creating new accounts with Twitch, and PS4 streaming now makes up roughly 10% of their content.

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    Game/Show Challenges the Idea That the Xbox One/PlayStation 4 Resolution Difference Even Matters

    The Internet has been all over the graphical difference between the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One recently. Those of us who remember the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo (or any other console launch) have heard this argument before, but the fact that gamers still argue over these things might be a bigger problem than graphics themselves.

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    Twitch Gets Trigger-Happy with PS4 Ban Notices after Sexual Assault Gets Streamed Live

    It's an old adage of the Internet that if you stream it, they will come—and put their dicks on it. Apparently, nobody at Sony or Twitch had heard that adage before, as they didn't put a whole lot of measures in place to make sure nobody did that with their integrated streaming. Now they're going on a user-banning rampage to make up for lost time.

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    Couple Used PlayStation 4 to Stream Live Call-in Talk Show, Got 200k Viewers

    Using the PS4's native ability to stream gameplay over Twitch's online video streaming service, a couple from Washington starred in their own talk show and drew quite a crowd. The Spartan Show got so many viewers, in fact, that Sony executives tweeted that they were watching and eventually called into the show.

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    Watch Next-Generation Consoles Battle It out as Giant Robots to Decide the Console War [Video]

    In this surprisingly accurate video (the PlayStation 4 is the first on the scene, the Xbox One can't compete without Master Chief's help, and the Wii U is an adorable little plaything), Machinima sums up the console war with giant robots trying to blow each other up. Really, if you want to explain something to us, that's probably the best method.

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    Major League Gaming, PlayStation 4, and the Rise of Online Gaming Spectatorship

    With the 2013 championship for the game League of Legends nabbing 8.3 million viewers (more than 2013's Stanley Cup per-game viewership of 5.4 million), there's no denying that game spectating is huge. Major League Gaming's launch of its own streaming site and the PS4's built in gameplay streaming capabilities could make it even bigger.

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    PlayStation 4′s “Blue Light of Death” Plagues Consumers, No Solution aside from a Replaced Console

    Yet another piece of electronics is vanquished by the color blue and gets "of death" appended to its current predicament. Some PlayStation 4 consoles completely die right out of the box and give off a blue light. It's unclear how widespread the problem is, but with over 600 one-star reviews on Amazon, it's likely not an isolated incident.

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    Watch Live as Sony Celebrates the PlayStation 4 Launch with Some Big Announcements

    Sony's Head of Hardware Marketing, John Koller, Tweeted that Sony's livestream tonight will have some game-changing announcements for the next generation of gaming. We're hoping there'll be some news on the rumored virtual reality headset, because we're suckers for crazy new tech. Watch with us at 11PM EST!

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    PS4 Could Be Getting its Own Oculus Rift-Style 3D Headset

    Sony could be about to launch its latest shot across Microsoft's bow with an Oculus Rift-style 3D headset for the Playstation 4. Then you could feel like you're inside your favorite games! And if you're anything like me you can feel like you're inside those games with a migraine because 3D makes my brain hurt.

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    Playstation’s Gamescom Conference is Today, Peep the Live Stream Right Here

    If you're looking for the latest major drop of video game news, Gamescom is where it's at. All the big game companies are over in Germany right now displaying their upcoming offerings. Microsoft and EA have already done their bits, and Sony's next up to give their press conference, which you can watch with us right here at 1PM Eastern.

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    Sony Unveils Used Game Policy With Handy Instructional Video

    Hot off the announcement at their E3 press conference, Sony's own Adam Boyes tweeted an instructional video to simplify the used game/game sharing policy on the new Playstation 4.

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