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    Move Over, Twitch Plays Pokémon: The New Hotness Is Virtuix Omni Pokémon

    Fighting with thousands of other onlookers just to get your player character to move in the right direction? Pffft. That's so two months ago. Now we'd rather play Pokémon the way that God and Nature intended: by trotting about on an itty bitty treadmill.

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    Now You, Too, Can Be A Pokémon Master… Erm, Commentator

    Are you a charismatic, enthusiastic person who can actually remember all the names of all 700+ Pokémon? First of all, we don't know how you do it. That's a lot of Pokémon. Second, the Pokémon Championships need some new commentators for their competitions, and they'd like you to audition.

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    Google Maps Lets You Catch Pokémon Now

    Man, trying to find directions to places is just so boring. Isn't there a way that we can make it as compelling as wandering around in tall grass trying to find Pokémon? Wait, there is? Tell us more, Google Maps!

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    Twitch Plays Pokémon Was Thwarted by the Wrath of Lord Helix at the End of Pokémon Crystal

    If you're into the Pokémon games, you probably know that you get to take on the trainer from the first generation at the end of generation 2 games. Twitch Plays Pokémon finally reaped what they had sown when they came face to face with Red at the end of Crystal, and he was sporting their whole Pokémon team from the first game.

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    Does Twitch Plays Pokémon Give You Hope For Humanity? [Video]

    Twitch plays Pokémon is on to another title in the game franchise, so we're going to be able to keep watching its chat-guided player character crash into walls for a good long while. That's a good thing, PBS Idea Channel says, because it's a fascinating look at how a community can grow and function without an external governing force.

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    Against All Odds, Twitch Actually Beat Pokémon [VIDEO]

    When Twitch started their massive online co-op play-through of Pokémon Red three weeks ago, no one thought they would ever make it to the Elite Four. But against all odds (remember when they struggled for six hours to use Cut on a tree?), last night Twitch finally beat Pokémon. It's more beautiful than your butterfree flying off into the sunset.

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    We Were Wrong This Whole Time: Twitch Plays Pokémon Is a Horror Story [Video]

    Oh sure, ha ha, it's been so funny to watch Twitch Play's Pokémon's Red bounce around and bump into walls, right? But imagine what it's like for Red, with thousands upon thousands of voices whispering directions to him every second of every day. Not so fun anymore, huh? That's what The Warp Zone suggests with this parody video they put out.

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    In the Wake of Twitch Plays Pokémon, Could Twitch Become the Next Great Platform for Game Developers?

    Twitch was built to stream live games, and it hasn't deviated much from that model (despite best efforts to the contrary on the part of Twitch users, of course). But after the success of Twitch Plays Pokémon, which allowed users to type commands in a chatroom to move the player, might a more interactive form of Twitch be on the horizon?

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    Twitch Plays Pokémon Somehow Got All 8 Badges, Will Soon Take on the Elite Four

    Against all odds, Twitch Plays Pokémon has managed to get all 8 badges, and they're on their way to beat the Elite Four. If you've been waiting to see how everything turns out, or if you're lying in wait until the opportune moment to release all of their pokémon, they're closing in on the finish line now.

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    It’s the Geekosystem Podcast! Here’s Episode 19 “Anarchy vs. Democracy in Groundhog Lounge”

    Presidents Day can't stop the Geekosystem Podcast. All it can do is delay it for a while. We're back to talk about the madness that is thousands of people cooperatively (or uncooperatively) playing Pokémon, The LEGO Movie, and whether or not "Everything Is Awesome" is actually awesome.

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    Democracy/Anarchy in Action: Twitch Plays Pokémon Changes up Rules With New Voting System

    In case you missed it over the weekend, the new hotness on the Internet is Twitch Plays Pokémon: a "social experiment" in which a rom of Pokémon Red is hooked up to a chatroom that lets users move by typing the name of the button they want to press. They haven't gotten very far, so the creator decided to shake things up with a new system.

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    Thousands Of Gamers Are Playing Pokémon Red/Blue Co-Op Live On Twitch Right Now

    Pokémon Red and Blue are amazing. Sure, subsequent generations of Pokémon games have gotten more complex and interesting, but the classic-gaming nostalgia you get when you fire up your old Game Boy Color is the very best. But if you've lost yours, don't worry; thousands of people are playing Pokémon co-op together on Twitch right now.

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    Even the Worst Pokémon (Magikarp) Could Totally Kill You [Video]

    Magikarp has long been one of the most useless Pokémon in the world, but some of its newer Pokédex entries suggest that it could wind up doing some serious damage—if only thanks to the laws of physics. There are plenty of Pokémon out there that could kill you without even noticing, but this has to be the most embarrassing.

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    Pokémisers, Rejoice! Pokémon Bank Is Already Available In Europe

    If you've been waiting patiently for the release of Pokémon Bank since the North American and European release were first delayed past their original December 27th date, then you might be in luck. Apparently the 3DS software has just been made available in Europe, as well as Australia and New Zealand.

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  15. Entertainment

    In “Scientifically Accurate Pokémon,” Ash Is a Homeless Ten-Year-Old Michael Vick Wannabe [Video]

    Listen, Pokémon is super-fun and all, but you've got to admit that it takes a lotta willful suspension of disbelief. I mean, there's a pokémon in the newest generation of games that is literally just a set of keys. Keys! So this satirical video by Fox's ADHD definitely rings true for us here in a lot of ways.

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