1. Entertainment

    This TARDIS Model is Bigger on the Inside Thanks to Augmented Reality [Video]

    Any Doctor Who fan can tell you that the TARDIS is "bigger on the inside," but reproducing the dimensionally transcendental interior of the Doctor's little blue box in a model or toy is a bit impossible at the moment -- except with augmented reality. Greg Kumparak used augmented reality to create this TARDIS model that appears bigger on the inside, at least when you look at it through Kumparak's smartphone.

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  2. Gaming

    Man Creates Worldwide Augmented Reality Version of Pong, Because He Could

    Pong, the granddaddy of all classic video games, celebrated its 40th anniversary this past week. It's a great time to think back on how far games have come in those four decades, and maybe even fire up your old Atari 2600 and play a few games of Pong, or you can be like Sander Veerhof and create an augmented reality version of Pong to play with people all over the world. That's right. Fire up your smartphone and keep an eye out for incoming balls.

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  3. Gaming

    Computerspielemuseum: Berlin’s Computer Game Museum Is As Cool As It Sounds

    The Video Game Museum of Berin is undergoing a beautiful, video game history renaissance. Opened in the late 1990's, it went through a rough patch and had to be closed by by 2000. Lucky for you, for us, and especially for everyone in Berlin, the museum reopened in a new location early this year and is doing better than ever.

    Its exhibits, which include a wide breadth of video game related topics, include the world's very first home video game console, 50 portable and handheld consoles as well as exhibits devoted to the social aspects of gaming as well as its darker sides, violence and addiction. The museum is very smartly designed and pops with a certain retro-flair, the kind you can only get when you're staring a Pong cabinet in the face.

    Read on after the break for a look inside.

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  4. Science

    People Are Playing Video Games With Paramecia

    This is a paramecium. You probably haven't thought about it since 7th-grade biology, but as a refresher, it is a one-celled organism akin to the amoeba. And now scientists have started playing with them. Like pets. But while inserting them into old school video games like Pong and Pac-Man. How exactly have they made this happen, pitting microscopic creatures against each other in Atari games? Click through for the explanation and the video:

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  5. Tech

    Flash vs. HTML5 Pong

    Ever since Apple began taking over the world, Adobe's Flash has been under a lot more scrutiny, considering Apple overlord Steve Jobs has openly decried it in favor of HTML5. There's been a lot of buzz surrounding the Flash vs. HTML5 debate, so the team over at Code Computerlove decided to put it to a more practical test: Flash vs HTML5 in the form of Pong, with the left side being Flash and the right side being HTML5.

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  6. Gaming

    Video Games Attack New York (in French Short Film)!

    A cool new video has shown up on the web today showing impressive CG renditions of popular 8-bit characters running amok in New York City. The movie, entitled Pixels and directed by the French director Patrick Jean, depicts a world where video game creations attack the city turning everything into mere pixels like them. It was first posted on the French site Nightfall this morning and we ran around trying to find a French speaking employee to translate the site hoping for some behind the scenes details. Turns out it was just a plot summary. Guess we should have paid more attention in French class in school.

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  7. Gaming

    Mondrian Pong

    British imageboard dervishes B3ta have finally discovered the meaning of Piet Mondrian's famous, gridlike De Stijl paintings: really, they were all about classic gaming. Fully-sized and animated after the jump:

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