1. Science

    Learn How to Poop Like a Samurai, What You Do With the Information Is up to You

    Over on The Art of Manliness last night, we learned how to poop like samurai from "Manly Guest Contributor" Will Black. Now, you too can master the art of never being caught with your pants down. Well, your pants are still down, but you'll know what to do about it.

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  2. Weird

    This Taiwanese Animation of Sony’s PlayStation 4 Event’s Better Than Sony’s PlayStation 4 Event

    Sony didn't give us a look at what the PlayStation 4 actually looks like during their event last night, but it's safe to assume it is not a human-sized robot that shoots lasers from its eyes. That didn't stop the goodly folks at Next Media Animation from speculating as such. Their animated version of the event is borderline insane, and a lot more fun to watch than the event itself.

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