1. Science

    Study Examines Human Acceptance of Orders From Robots, Assume the Party Escort Submission Position

    Would you take orders from a robot? With lasers and deadly neurotoxin, they've got plenty of ways to make you, but a research team examined whether or not people would do it willingly. Armed with incredibly boring tasks and adorable tininess, a robot pushed people to see just how long they'd take its GLaDOS-style nonsense.

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  2. Gaming

    Check Out “Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game,” Or In Other Words, A Portal Board Game

    A board game based on Valve's Portal franchise sounds really interesting and this fall, Cryptozoic Entertainment plans to release the game, which they have named "Portal: Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game."

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  3. Gaming

    Pillow Castle’s Crazy First-Person Puzzle Game Tech Demo Is like Portal All over Again in the Best Possible Way

    The concept of the Museum of Simulation Technology demo is simple; it's like those wacky vacation photos you took that looked like you were squashing buildings (and your friends' heads) with your fingers. The game really gives you the power to make those tricks of perspective into a reality to solve puzzles.

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  4. Tech

    The Cubli Is a Real Life Companion Cube That Balances, Jumps, and Spins on Its Corners

    We're not saying they're evil, but ETH Zurich's Institute for Dynamic System is basically Aperture Science. They've built the "Cubli," which is essentially a Companion Cube that can walk, jump, and balance on its edges and corners. We already love it and want to help it get through test chambers.

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  5. Weird

    Ghost Hunters Take A Portal Reference On a Wall Way Too Seriously, Assume It’s A Ghost [Video]

    Jim Pace and his paranormal hunting team, SPOOK (Sooner Paranormal Of Oklahoma), love to wander around searching for ghosts in an old abandoned building in Tulsa -- so much so that they decided to show off their findings to a local news station. Too bad nobody thought to google the phrase they found written on the chalk board prior to airing.

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  6. Gaming

    Portal: Survive! Is an Impressive (and Creepy) Fan Film Based on Portal [Video]

    If you love Portal, which you do, because blood courses through your veins, you'll really want to watch this awesome Portal fan film. It's very well done, especially considering its $500 budget. You can trust us. As part of a previously mentioned, required test protocol, we can no longer lie to you.

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  7. Gaming

    This Cosplayer Spent Four Hours Suspended By Wires to Portray GLaDOS at PAX Prime 2013

    While a favorite among fans of the Portal video game series, GLaDOS is a tricky character to cosplay -- since she's, you know, a non-humanoid robot. While many cosplayers go for the "make her into a lady" route, Athena Cole of Enayla Cosplay decided to go with a different approach.

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  8. Gaming

    Watch The Completionist, Erm, Complete All of Portal For Geek Week [Video]

    It's Thursday and YouTube's Geek Week is going full steam ahead. So what is today's theme? Gaming. The smorgasbord includes video game spoofs, song covers, live-action reenactments, and lots and lots of Minecraft. My favorite of the bunch is The Completionist's video review on everyone's favorite science testing game, Portal.

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  9. Entertainment

    J.J. Abrams in Talks With Valve About Half-Life and Portal Films

    In his continued attempts to control everything we love, today J.J. Abrams said he's in talks with Valve co-founder Gabe Newell about bringing Portal and Half-Life to the big screen. These talks are in the very early stages, and a lot can happen to derail the projects, but Abrams has said, "Both a Portal and Half-Life movie are things I want to see." Us too, Mr. Abrams. Us too.

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  10. Gaming

    Portal Comes to Graphing Calculators, Makes Them Useful Again

    A few weeks ago I may have said some unkind things about graphing calculators and their place in these modern times, but that was before I saw this version of Portal. That's right, someone has released a version of Portal for the TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus graphing calculators. Games are nothing new to the world of graphing calculators, but this makes me want to go back and not pay attention in math class all over again.

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  11. Gaming

    Valve Gets Enormous Portal Turret in the Mail [Video]

    It's always fun when you order something in the mail, forget about it because standard shipping takes too long, then find it on your doorstep a week later. It's like a surprise present you gave yourself. If you're Valve, though, you get much better presents in the mail, like an enormous Portal turret from Weta Workshop.

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  12. Gaming

    Amazing Portal Video Highlights Importance of Long Fall Boots

    Before you skip this because it's "another Portal video", know also that it has a healthy amount of real physics, unportalable curtains, and a man throwing a cap. Also, a lesson on funding research.

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  13. Entertainment

    Portal Gas Mask Looks Awesome, Won’t Save You From Deadly Neurotoxins

    If you want to survive when a disgruntled coworker decides to flood the office with a deadly neurotoxin, you're going to need a gas mask, or a new job. This Portal gas mask, or more accurately half-mask air purifying respirator, looks like it might just be the thing for the job, but it isn't. Made by Brian Cargile, or TwoHornsUnited on DeviantART, the mask is 100% decorative, but still 100% awesome, especially if you like dressing up in black and dancing to Vogue.

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  14. Gaming

    Student Builds Realistic, Shooting Portal Turret for Final Project

    We've seen some nifty Portal turrets in real life before, but not one that actually shoots. A Penn State University student created this currently frameless turret for his Advanced Mechatronics class' final project. The turret, like in the game, tracks its victims via an IP webcam, as well as shoots at them, though luckily for said victims it only shoots Nerf bullets. He's working on a frame so the thing looks more like the iconic white turret we've all come to love and fear, and yes, the turret also talks in that sing-songy, haunting voice. Check out a video of the thing in action after the break.

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  15. Gaming

    Teleporting Portal Cake Takes The Portal-Cake Cake

    Portal-themed cakes are nothing new. In fact, they're kind of obligatory. That doesn't mean that they can't also be totally awesome. This mid-portal Portal cake totally takes the cake (or itself, I guess) when it comes to awesomeness. What's more, in addition to having what very well may be the coolest cake to ever grace the face of this planet, this kid also seems to have a killer portal gun. Color me jealous. And bring me a slice of cake, please.

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