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    Anonymous Hacks Italian Police, Gives Everyone Déjà Vu [Mad Lib]

    I'm starting to get bored with writing this same story every few days, so here's a Mad Lib that'll help you feel my pain. Consider it an experiment in post-modern journalism. Earlier today, hackers associated with [high-profile hacker group] hacked into the servers of [organization] and compromised [number] gigabytes of data as revenge for [organization's anti-hacking security measures]. The stolen data is reported to contain personal information about employees of [organization] as well as information pertaining to [organization's] relationship with [other organizations or governments]. The leaked data, which is being distributed by torrent, also came with a strongly worded Pastebin statement from [high-profile hacker group] that states that [organizations's anti-hacking security measures] will do nothing to stop [high-profile hacking group] and may, in fact, encourage them. As of yet, it's questionable whether the data that was obtained is accurate and up-to-date, but either way, it is still an embarrassment for [organization] that their efforts to stop [high-profile hacking group] have been largely ineffective on the whole and actually left them open to attack. We'll see whether or not the data leak will have any long-lasting effects, but for the moment [organization] will have to just lick its wounds and reevaluate their security before going after hackers again. Word bank below.

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