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    Brace Yourselves: Rumors Say The Matrix Is Getting a Prequel Trilogy

    The Matrix was a huge achievement in filmmaking both technically, visually, and in terms of story. The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions may not have been as bad as most people make them out to be, but let's just say the news of a Matrix prequel trilogy has us... cautiously optimistic.

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    Insert “I’ll Be Back” Joke Here: Schwarzenegger Returning As Senior-Citizen Terminator

    It just wouldn't be a Terminator movie without Arnold Schwarzenegger, would it? Well, we may never learn the answer to that question, as the now 65-year-old former governor of California is officially set to reprise his role as lovable killing machine T-800 in the next installment of the Terminator franchise. Presumably, this is all part of a standing bet between Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis to see who can continue playing a role a 1980s action movie that reason states they should have aged out of the longest. Unfortunately, that in turn means we can all expect to be subjected to Die Hard 6. Because otherwise, the machines win.

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    “Gotham High” Would be The Angstiest Comic Book Movie Ever [Video]

    Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy complete may have only just reached its epic conclusion a few months ago, but you can bet that DC Comics and Warner Bros. are already hard at work figuring out an excuse to squeeze out another film and capitalize on the series' success. The guys and gals over at Movieclips Trailers have a suggestion: Turn Batman's origin story into a high school dramedy.

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  4. Gaming

    Check Out Blizzard’s Diablo III Prequel Cartoon [Video]

    Blizzard's long-awaited dungeon crawling, clickfest sequel is upon us -- Diablo III is only one week away, launching on May 15. Before then, though, if you need something to get you even more excited than you already are, Blizzard has released a cartoon that serves as a prequel to the game that focuses on the war between the angels and demons. Sure, the clip may suffer from such lines as "Your rage makes you powerful," but if you're a Diablo fan, there probably isn't much of a better way to celebrate the game's coming release than a six minute, beautifully animated prequel cartoon.

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