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  1. Entertainment

    President Obama Appeared on Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis

    President Obama appeared on the Funny or Die webseries Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis to promote Healthcare, and like any episode of the show it's absurd and hilarious. The main difference of course being that it happens to feature the President.

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  2. Weird

    White House Wants America to Vote for Their Favorite Thanksgiving Turkey Because of Reasons

    Hey, remember when people still really liked voting for President Obama? The White House sure does. They're trying to capture the democratic magic once again, but since Obama's not up for re-election, they want you to vote for your favorite Thanksgiving turkey. Because there's nothing else that needs solving in America right now. Yup.

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  3. Tech

    Obama Would Really Like Everybody To Chill The Heck Out About These Healthcare.Gov Glitches

    Starting today, you can now sign up for healthcare through the Affordable Care Act -- but the website's dealing with a heavy amount of traffic that's been causing it to behave erratically. So, of course, critics have been pointing to this as a sign that the whole thing is an unmitigated disaster. President Obama has something to say to those people.

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  4. Weird

    Full Story Behind the Elvis Impersonator Accused of Trying to Assassinate Obama With Ricin Is the Craziest Thing You’ll Read Today

    There was no shortage of coverage when an envelope of ricin sent to President Obama was traced back to an Elvis impersonator, because that's pretty weird, but the full story is much, much weirder. Wells Tower tells the whole sordid tale of poison, conspiracy, organ harvesting, and Elvis impersonation in this month's GQ.

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  5. Tech

    Obama’s Office Killed Impending iPad/iPhone Sales Ban

    As a result of the lawsuits between Apple and Samsung, Apple was facing a sales ban on some of its older products. The ban was overturned by the Executive Office of the President, so you won't have to worry about being able to still snag some older Apple gear.

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  6. Space

    Senator Announces NASA Project to Park Asteroid Near Our Moon

    We first heard of the plan to capture a small asteroid and park it near our Moon, essentially giving our Moon a moon of its own, back in January, but now it seems all but official. Chairman of the Senate Science and Space Subcommittee, Senator Bill Nelson said on Friday President Obama will include $100 million in the 2014 budget for the asteroid project, calling it a "clever concept." I wonder what William Shatner will suggest we name it.

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  7. Tech

    Google Searches Show Where Racism May Hurt Obama’s Presidential Campaign

    Having a black or female (or black female) president is a pretty established trope in the world of near-future fiction. That said, having elected a black president doesn't mean we're living in an episode of 24 and it doesn't mean that racism is over. Historically, pollsters have tried to gauge the effect of racism in political campaigns through, what else, the use of polls. Now, a new study uses Google to try and tease out a greater level of accuracy polls could never achieve.

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  8. Tech

    Obama Calling For Sanctions Against Foreign Nationals Using Technology For Human Rights Abuse

    President Obama will be issuing an executive order allowing for sanctions to be imposed on foreign nationals who use technology to violate human rights, the Washington Post reports. The order, which will be given in a speech at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, is intended to bring the U.S. up to speed, in a way, and acknowledge that technology can be both a very useful tool and a very dangerous weapon in the wrong hands. Since the Internet has become a major part of modern protests, like we saw in Egypt, it's also fallen under fire by many authoritarian governments who would rather see the Internet shut off entirely. With the issuance of this order, the U.S. will be officially opposed to that sort of behavior, specifically in cases where it enables widespread violence and mass murder.

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  9. Weird

    President Obama to Hold Google+ Hangout on January 30th

    The White House is on Google+, are you? If you aren't, you might want to get involved if you want the chance to be part of a Google Hangout with the Prez himself. The White House joined Google+ two days ago, announcing its intention to make use of the Hangout feature. Now the -- understandably complicated -- details of exactly how it will work have come to light.

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  10. Tech

    President Obama Joins Foursquare

    After hosting a town hall meeting on Twitter, it would seem President Obama decided to continue the White House's modernization and joined Foursquare. Announced on the White House blog, Obama's joining of Foursquare will allow followers to discover "tips" from the White House "featuring the places President Obama has visited, what he did there, plus historical information."

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  11. Space

    Atlantis Returns To Earth, Space Shuttle Program Now Over

    The Space Shuttle Atlantis, which launched July 8th, has returned to Earth. Atlantis' safe return marks the end of an era, as it is the official conclusion to the entire space shuttle program. Atlantis and her four person crew commenced their landing at night, and touched down at NASA's Kennedy Space Center at an official full wheel stop time of 5:57am. It was NASA's 25th night landing, the 78th landing at Kennedy Space Center, and the 133rd landing in overall shuttle history. During this mission, STS 135, Atlantis orbited Earth 200 times and flew 5,284,862 miles. STS 135 was Atlantis' 33rd and final mission. In the course of shuttle's history, Atlantis spent 307 days in space, orbited the Earth 4,848 times, and flew 125,935,769 miles. The space shuttle program is now officially over and the future of NASA and American space exploration, though sure to continue, is uncertain.

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  12. Space

    NASA Takes Huge Hit In Proposed Congressional Budget

    In what feels like a completely endless debate about how the government should support its science agencies during economic hardship, it seems as though NASA is set to be the sacrificial lamb of budget balancing with almost $2 billion in cuts. Congress has just released its Appropriations bill that gives their views on how much federal money NASA, the National Science Foundation (NSF), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) should be given. Massive cuts are called for across the board, but no agency is set to lose as much as NASA.

    To determine the federal budget, the President comes up with a budget request that the House of Representatives and the Senate then consider and come up with their own independent counter offers. The House and Senate must agree on budget appropriations before the budget becomes final. In his request, President Obama was relatively kind to NASA but the House apparently doesn't see the same value in the agency. The House's budget includes a total cut of $1.64 billion from last year which is almost $2 billion short of the President's request.

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  13. Tech

    President Obama To Hold First Twitter Town Hall

    As a part of the White House 2.0 project, President Obama will be holding the nation's first Twitter Town Hall meeting on July 6th. Responses will come from the, miraculously available, @townhall Twitter account which has been set up for this particular purpose. You and your fellow trolls Americans can troll ask questions through the use of the #AskObama hashtag. Twitter has even whipped up a little webpage to publicize the event, specifying that Obama will answer your questions about the economy and jobs, presumably ignoring the more irrelevant questions that are sure to pop up. This is, after all, the internet.

    President Obama used Facebook for a similar event in the past, and this Twitter Town Hall shows a certain amount of persistent dedication to the whole White House 2.0 project. In addition, just last week Obama started tweeting from his @BarakObama account (someone has to be saving these names for the government). Unfortunately, there have yet to be any tweets about what he ate for dinner or what's on TV, you know, the usual things to tweet about. For as much sense as it makes, it feels weird to see the President on social networking sites, but with 2012 looming, it's a good time to get back in touch with those youth voters. Good luck sir, but I won't be impressed until I start seeing some snarky, real-time Twitter commentary about an awards show. Or some juicy executive branch gossip.

    (via VentureBeat)

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  14. Science

    President Obama Orders Federal Agencies to Buy Green Vehicles by 2015

    Yesterday, the U.S. federal government bought its first batch of electric vehicles, some 116 in all; a mix of Chevy Volts, Nissan Leafs, and THINK Cities, they'll be spread among 20 U.S. agencies. But this is only the beginning of the government's green vehicle ambitions. According to a memorandum issued yesterday by President Barack Obama, by the end of 2015, all vehicles bought for use by the federal fleet must be powered by alternate fuel sources.

    The Federal Government operates the largest fleet of light duty vehicles in America. We owe a responsibility to American citizens to lead by example and contribute to meeting our national goals of reducing oil imports by one-third by 2025 and putting one million advanced vehicles on the road by 2015. ... By December 31, 2015, all new light duty vehicles leased or purchased by agencies must be alternative fueled vehicles, such as hybrid or electric, compressed natural gas, or biofuel.
    Vehicles "larger than a midsize sedan" that do not use alternative fuels must be disclosed on agency websites within 180 days. (via AFP, The Hill | White House memo)

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  15. Tech

    Obama Administration Proposes Unique Internet ID for Every American

    In the coming months, the Obama administration is planning on passing a new proposal, the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace, to the U.S. Commerce Department regarding a national "cybersecurity measure" that will aim to give each U.S. citizen their own unique Internet ID, but U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke assures us, "We are not talking about a national ID card." Head on past the break to see if Locke can assuage your fears of Big Brother watching your every cyber-move.

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