1. Entertainment

    “Before VFX” Tumblr Shows Us Hollywood Without Its Digital Makeup

    There has been some controversy in the world of Hollywood special effects recently. While Life of Pi brings in hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office and wins awards for its special effects, the company that did those effects, Rhythm & Hues, went bankrupt and closed up shop. The effects community protested the Oscars over the weekend, and have since continued their campaign online, where no one can play them off in mid-speech. The new Tumblr "Before VFX" shows us what popular Hollywood films looked like before special effects.

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  2. Space

    Mirror, Mirror: Two of Saturn’s Moons Face Off Across Its Rings

    While the above picture may look like an asteroid as seen in an enormous cosmic mirror, it's not -- it's much, much cooler than that. This is the one of the latest images from NASA's Cassini probe, which shows two of Saturns "shepherd moons" -- Pandora and Prometheus, and we swear we're not making that up -- seemingly staring at one another down across the planet's rings.

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  3. Entertainment

    Honestly, Prometheus is Mostly About Landscapes, Space Balls [Video]

    A lot of people really didn't like Prometheus. People have incredibly high expectations for a movie created to uphold and refresh the legacy of one the greatest sci-fi franchises ever made, and it definitely feels flimsy when it you look at closely. How does the film fall apart, you ask? There are a lot of reasons, really, which is why we'll leave it to this Screen Junkies' brutally honest trailer describe everything that's wrong with it.

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  4. Entertainment

    Fox to Release Digital Movies Three Weeks Prior to Retail

    Waiting for a major film release to finally hit store shelves can be a pain. Lack of availability is something often brought up during the discussion on piracy. Studios, for their part, have to battle with theaters when trying to release their movies to home viewers earlier than the current status quo. In an effort to revive flagging film sales, Fox will start digitally releasing high-definition versions of their films about three weeks before they can be bought on disc or viewed through on-demand services.

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  5. Entertainment

    Now it Can Be Told: What David Said to The Engineer in Prometheus

    I'm going to work really hard not to drop any spoilers from Prometheus, but those who have seen the movie will remember a particular scene between David (Michael Fassbender) and a certain milk-skinned alien. Fassbender's speech is untranslated and indistinct, but an expert who worked on the movie confirmed that he said, "/ida hmanəm aɪ kja namṛtuh zdɛ:taha/…/ghʷɪvah-pjorn-ɪttham sas da:tṛ kredah/." Did you get all that

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  6. Entertainment

    Headcanon: An Imaginary Rewrite to Make Prometheus Better

    Jon Bershard, a writer at our sister site Mediaite, recently saw Prometheus and decided that he had a few thoughts on how to fix Ridley Scott's Alien prequel. We present his work to you, Gentle Reader, as part of our ongoing Headcanon series. Think of it as the outline to a fanfic. Since I spent much of my childhood using Alien toys to create my own sequels in my head (starring Star Wars action figures as the inevitably doomed crew), I couldn’t help but keep thinking about how this alternate reality version of the movie would go. I’ve written down some of my SPOILER-filled thoughts below.

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  7. Entertainment

    Neil deGrasse Tyson Calls Out Some Fuzzy Math in Prometheus

    Everyone knows that sci-fi movies are going to fudge their science a bit, otherwise they wouldn't be sci-fi. That said, some fudges are just mistakes and they can be glaring if you know your stuff. Acclaimed astrophysicist and meme Neil deGrasse Tyson -- the man who called out Titanic for having "the wrong sky" -- is still out there doing what he does best: Busting chops. This time, he's got Prometheus in the sights.

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  8. Entertainment

    New Featurette Shows Off the Titular Spaceship from Prometheus

    With the release of Ridley Scott's Prometheus -- the semi-prequel to Alien -- just around the corner, promotional videos continue to stream out to keep the anticipation high. The latest is an interesting look into the titular star-chariot Prometheus, revealing a little bit about how the ship fits into the story, its design, and some of its surprises. For instance: It apparently has its own basketball court. See it, after the break.

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  9. Entertainment

    This Horrific Alien Sculpture is Made Out of a Bowling Pin

    All it took to create this grotesque statue was quite a bit of artistic skills, a wooden bowling pin, and a healthy dose of Alien lore. The artist, Peter Nordstrom, titled this work Prometheus and the presence of xenomorphs imply that he's as excited about the forthcoming film as we are. See more pictures, after the break.

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  10. Entertainment

    New Prometheus Video is a Voicemail from the Future [Video]

    The latest video promoting the forthcoming Ridley Scott directed Alien prequel Prometheus has dropped, this time focusing on Noomi Rapace's character Dr. Elizabeth Shaw. Like the previous video with Michael Fassbender, the video gives us a glimpse of a cold, intrusive future and has an ever-present sense of menace just at the fringes of our perception. It's not quite as successful as some of the other promotional videos, but it does serve to reinforce that this movie looks pretty great.

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  11. Entertainment

    New Three-Minute Prometheus Trailer is the Most of the Movie We’ve Yet Seen

    So far the promotional material for Ridley Scott's forthcoming Alien prequel Prometheus have been stellar. We've had a TED talk from the future, a beautifully shot short film about a creepy cyborg, and other bits and pieces. The trailers have been fragmented, but a new three-minute international trailer fits a lot of those pieces together and shows us more of the film than every before.

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  12. Entertainment

    Michael Fassbender is Wonderful, Breathtakingly Creepy in New Prometheus Video

    You can say one thing for Ridley Scott's forthcoming Alien prequel Prometheus, it has some of the most compelling promotional material out there. First there was the faux-TED talk from the future, then there was the trailer, and now there is this exquisite short film starring Michael Fassbender as an android produced by Weyland industries. See it after the break.

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  13. Entertainment

    New Trailer For Ridley Scott’s Prometheus Has a Familiar “Face”

    When it comes to the forthcoming Ridley Scott sci-fi flick Prometheus, the going line has been that it is not really a prequel to the Alien franchise. Sure, it will take place before the events of the original film in the same universe, and Scott is quoted as saying that the new film would contain "strands of Alien's DNA, so to speak," but it's really not a prequel. The latest trailer, however, seems to suggest otherwise. See it, after the break.

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  14. Entertainment

    Alien Prequel is No More, Now “Prometheus” Instead

    The highly anticipated news that Ridley Scott would be returning to his seminal science fiction setting, the Alien series, has evolved, or, perhaps metamorphosed.  Yes, the joyful facehugger of Ridley Scott and H. R. Geiger creating a prequel to Alien about the briefly and mysteriously featured space jockeys has disappeared, only to be replaced by the chestburster of a completely original science fiction project called Prometheus. Painful?  Yes.  Surprising?  Perhaps.  But ultimately a happy occasion of new life being born among bloody screams in the middle of an otherwise unremarkable breakfast.

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