1. Science

    The Story Behind This Robotic Butt, and How it Could Someday Help You (And Your Butt)

    This photograph is... striking. It's easy to make a quick joke about like, "Hey! Check out the latest Wii U accessory!" but we took it a few steps further. We've tracked down Benjamin Lok, a doctor who worked on the project to ask him exactly what's going on in the photo, and his answers were fascinating.

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  2. Tech

    The World’s First Successful “All-Robot” Surgery (Sorta)

    The da Vinci robot surgeon, a robot anesthesiologist hilariously named McSleepy, and a team of surgeons at McGill University performed an all-robot surgery, which happened to be a prostate surgery. The procedure is being billed as the "first successful all-robot surgery," except the robots doing the dosing and slicing were actually being controlled by humans.

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