1. Entertainment

    How Do You Make Chris Hadfield’s “Space Oddity” Cover Better? By Adding Puppets [Video]

    Mario and Fafa of the popular YouTube series "Glove and Boots" wanted to sing with Commander Chris Hadfield in space, so they did the next best thing: tape over that time Chris Hadfield did it himself last year and add some kickin' harmonies. Of course, we should point out that Mario and Fafa also happen to be puppets. That's probably important.

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  2. Entertainment

    Community is Officially Desperate, Wants You to Post GIFs for Puppet Episode

    NBC is reaching out to an ever-shrinking demographic, Community fans, and asking them to post their favorite puppet-related GIFS to Tumblr for tomorrow night's episode "Introduction to Felt Surrogacy" -- the show's much anticipated puppet episode. They'll even give you free things if you post the best GIF to their GIFathon! You guys like free things, right? The whole shebang even has a hashtag, #CommunityGIFathon, so you know it's thing on the Internet. It's an act that's as transparent as asking an ex out for coffee because you just want to catch up, and about as dignified, and I don't know what makes me sadder: What it says about the state of a show that was a favorite of mine until mere months ago, or the fact that I only barely care.

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  3. Entertainment

    Community Puppet Episode Officially a Thing That’s Happening

    Yes. That is the cast of NBC's Community in puppet form, and that is wonderful. An episode airing in April will have the gang from Greendale working out some issues with each other through the use of puppets. While the news that any other show on television right now was doing a puppet episode would probably be an obvious nightmare, considering how much I love Community, I'm really pretty pumped about this.

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  4. Entertainment

    This Music Video Features Monsters of All Kinds, Makes You Doubt Your Sanity

    It's true that there's no accounting for taste. You may love music your best friend loathes, but have you ever watched a music video on YouTube that's just so crazy that you had to share it, no matter what the music was like? The new Bat For Lashes video, "Lilies," may be one of these. You probably know someone who'd love it just because it's got monster puppets and stop-motion fun. It's kind of like if David Bowie's Goblin King kidnapped Big Bird and Snuffleupagus, fused them together with Jeff Goldblum's Telepods from The Fly, then brought them to the land in Where the Wild Things Are. Oh, and then the monstrosities danced with a girl who was possessed by the ghost of Björk. Yeah, that's about right.

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  5. Gaming

    This Is Ground Control To Fox McCloud [Video]

    In anticipation of the upcoming Star Fox 64 3D, or in remembrance of a time when games only needed one number suffix, here's a tribute to the mildly infuriating members of the slightly dysfunctional Star Fox team. Underbelly and BrentalFloss have teamed up with a handful of puppets by Hirokareo and sets by Sidewinder81777 to create this brilliant rendition of David Bowie's Space Oddity. I always felt like Fox was the most one dimensional character on the team, but after seeing my own frustration superimposed on him, he's definitely my favorite now.

    Protip: Pay attention to the pictures hanging in each character's cockpit for bonus laughs.

    (via Albotas)

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  6. Entertainment

    Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Live-Action Simpsons Puppets

    This past weekend's episode of The Simpsons took a brief break from animated hi-jinks in the form of a live-action dream sequence, complete with Simpsons puppets. Oh, and Katy Perry was in it. (Our sister site Mediaite was offended about a joke involving her and Moe.) Swazzle, the studio behind the puppets and puppetry, posted some cool photos of Simpsons puppets from construction to completion on their Facebook page. More pics below:

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  7. Entertainment

    Tonight’s Simpsons Will Feature Live Action, Puppets, Katy Perry

    Tonight's holiday episode of the Simpsons will feature a dream sequence in which Moe is dating Katy Perry. And that everyone is a puppet. A live action puppet. Except Katy Perry. She's just going to be Katy Perry. In a rubber dress. And there's a laugh track? Get me Dominic Cobb.

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  8. Tech

    Your “Hacked Kinect Does A Cool Thing” Video of the Day

    Hacked Kinect: It does puppets. It took us a second view to really notice, but the peripheral is picking up the performer's movements with great fidelity. It's just a bit tricky to tell because of what we assume is processing lag. Presumably that will get worked out soon, and then we can all look forward to a new Sesame Street character who teaches kids about being safe in virtual environments. What? Wasn't that the first idea that popped into your head, too? (via Joystiq.)

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  9. Weird

    “Robot” Actress Plays Robot in Japanese Play

    Gemenoid-F made her stage debut this week in Tokyo, co-starring in a twenty minute play in the role of the android caretaker of a terminally ill girl. For what it's worth: If your robot is "completely controlled by a real-life human actress from a soundproof room behind the stage," it's not a robot. It's a puppet. An animatronic puppet. Like this, and this, and this, and this. We've had puppets for thousands of years. Calm down. (via Geeks are Sexy.)

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