1. Weird

    Car Thief Challenges Sheriff To Drag Race, Is As Good An Idea As It Sounds

    In news that suggests that those Duke boys are at it again, a man has been arrested in Missouri after stealing a car, then challenging a Maries County sheriff to a race. That ended about as well as you would expect, with officers eventually shooting out the engine of the car, bumping it to a stop, and having to break the driver's side window and pull the man out when he refused to exit the vehicle.

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  2. Gaming

    Cutting-Edge Kinect Game Plays Itself For You

    The promise of the Kinect and the PlayStation Move is that, like the Wii a few years before them, they'll open gaming up to a more casual class of gamer. And there's nothing wrong with that! However, making a racing game that literally plays itself for you stretches the definition of "gaming" entirely. Meet Kinect Joy Ride, "the first controller-free racing game"; while it's billed as a kids' game, what you see in the video above does not seem like it would be too much fun for anybody (although you've got to admit the guy's expression is pretty priceless). While it wouldn't be fair to tar all of the new motion controller games with the same brush, this does show the limits of making games too accessible; if everyone can be a winner with no skill or practice, what's the point?

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  3. Gaming

    Real Life ≠ Video Games, Exhibit F: GTA-Style Third-Person Driving is a Bad Idea

    Red vs. Blue masterminds Rooster Teeth do a lot of stuff with machinima -- enacting real-life scripts with machinima -- but in a pilot for their new show "Immersion," they switch things up: by driving a real-life car in the third-person style popular among racing games and Grand Theft Auto-style action games. The driver inside the car has his windows covered up, forcing him to use a monitor hooked up to an external camera.

    While it's good fun to watch and must have been good fun to create, it's a little scary how badly it goes from a 'not hitting things' perspective:

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