1. Gaming

    PBS Game/Show Moves Past Simply Asking if Games Are Racist and Instead Asks Why

    PBS Game/Show points out racism in games and asks the more important question of why games are racist. Predominantly white characters may come from demographical misconceptions and slightly lame technical issues, but there's no excuse for the stereotype status of some racial depictions.

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  2. Tech

    Geography of Hate Map Reveals Locations for Homophobic and Racist Tweets Across the United States

    In case you needed a dose of depressing news today, here's some for you: Research site Floating Sheep's built a map of homophobia, racism, and ableism across the United States in the form of geotagged tweets. It's about as horrifying as you'd expect, and this doesn't even include accidental or comedic references to any of this stuff. This map is only straight-up intentional instances of hate.

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  3. Tech

    Upvote: William Shatner Calls Reddit on Racist/Sexist Posts, Does So on Reddit

    We love Reddit here at Geekosystem, but sometimes the deep, dark recesses of the site can get a little frightening due to racist, sexist, or otherwise abusive posts and the championing thereof. One man has chosen to boldly go where many have gone before and complained about the site's offensive content, but when that man is William Shatner, people listen.

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  4. Tech

    Harvard Professor Says Google Results Reflect Racism

    The results of Harvard professor Latanya Sweeney's new paper sound like the premise of a bad comedy act. Sweeney says advertisements are different based on the perceived race of a searched name. You see, the ads attached to results of Google searches of white names like Brad, Luke, and Katie be all like, "Do you need contact information?" But the resulting ads from searching for names like Leroy, Kareem, and Keisha be all like "Arrested?" Is there a problem with Google's results, or are they just reflecting society?

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  5. Weird

    Racist, Anti-Semitic Wi-Fi Network Name Sparks Police Investigation

    It's not surprising that ridiculous and obscenely named Wi-Fi networks exist. In college, I could pick up such delightfully named networks as "assclown" and "boners firing into space." However, it may surprise you to learn that a Wi-Fi network at the Teaneck, New Jersey Richard Rodda Community Center was so obscene that it set off a police investigation.

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