1. Science

    Cicadas Set to Swarm East Coast, Radiolab Wants You To Help Track Them

    East Coast kids won't have seen them before, but they're coming again soon as they do every 17 years: A brood of cicadas known as Magicicada Brood II will make the "air hum with a 7 kHz mating buzz." These winged, red-eyed, black-bodied 1.5-inch bugs with hatch in their underground lairs and swarm by the millions across the coast, filling the skies and humming as they do. They do this routinely, but this time public radio science show Radiolab aims to track them -- and they want your help.

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  2. Science

    Paleo-Bracketology: You Can Help Name The Earliest Common Ancestor Of All Mammals

    Earlier this month, researchers at the American Museum of Natural History and several other institutions announced that they had constructed a model of the first mammal that is a common ancestor to all other mammals, showing that creatures as disparate as whales, humans, and Grumpy Cat all descend from a small, rat like creature that evolved shortly after the extinction of the dinosaurs. Now that all the heavy lifting of constructing a model of this earliest mammal is done, researchers want you to step in for the fun part and help name the hypothetical critter by voting in a March Madness-style tournament.

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  3. Entertainment

    Marvel Says That For Tax Purposes, All Mutants Are Not Human

    While Marvel's mutants carry on a fictional struggle for personal and public acceptance, it seems the issue of whether or not mutants are human is a done deal for Marvel. However, it's not so much an issue of ethics, but something far, far more compelling: Tax law.

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  4. Tech

    Man Uses Facebook to Find His Doppelgänger

    This weekend, Graham Comrie met Graham Cormie, the man who he once thought was simply impersonating him on Facebook for a lark, and the two posed before an escherian hellscape just to drive home the ultimate weirdness of the situation. From the Daily Record:
    Graham Comrie feared someone was impersonating him online when a friend emailed to say a man was pretending to be him on the social networking site. His "impersonator" was even said to be using his photos. The more Graham looked into it, the stranger it got - until he realised this person wasn't trying to imitate him but appeared to be his doppelganger. Amazed by what he saw, he contacted his lookalike, Graham Cormie, and discovered they were leading parallel lives.

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