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    The Walking Dead Recap, 4×16: “A”

    The Walking Dead does a really fantastic job of building to an interesting and compelling place, only to ruin it with their season finales. Like this one, for example, which was a totally mess for me --for a thousand different reasons, too, but if you know me and you saw the episode, I bet you can guess what I'm the most upset about.

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    The Walking Dead Recap, 4×14: “The Grove”

    I usually do these recaps the day after, so I went into this particular episode knowing two things: one, that there would be little kids in it, and two, that it would be effed up all to hell. Hooray.

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    The Walking Dead Recap, 4×13: “Alone”

    Listen, I know my allegience lies with Cosmos over Walking Dead, but was anyone else kind of annoyed that "Maggie and Sasha" was trending on Twitter for higher and longer than "Giordano Bruno" did? Because I was. Just a little bit. At least this episode was good, though.

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    The Walking Dead Recap, 4×12: “Still”

    Last night, a whole bunch of actors put an obscene amount of makeup and mindlessly wandered about bumping into things and craving one another's flesh. Oh, and also there was a new episode of The Walking Dead. Hey-yo!

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    The Walking Dead Recap, 4×9: “After”

    Welp, it was a few months of quiet, zombie-less Sunday nights, but now The Walking Dead is back to reel us in and frustrate us endlessly. The half-season split finale was pretty intense, so let's see what the aftermath has in store for us with "After." Aw, I see what they did there.

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    Late to the Party Recap: Firefly Series Finale “Objects in Space”

    There's a reason I've been recapping Firefly 11 years after it aired. Months ago I wrote a list of shows that I thought Netflix should not revive for another season, and Firefly was on it. Fans of Firefly went bananas, so I decided to watch the entire series. I'm on the last episode.

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    Late to the Party Recap: Firefly Episode 13 “Heart of Gold”

    Oh no. The pre-episode flashback is a collection of Kaylee/Simon awkward moments. I thought we were past this. Kaylee and Simon aren't the only ones getting a relationship flashback, we're seeing a lot of Inara/Mal weirdness as well. I guess it's clear what direction this episode is going.

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    Community Report, Season 5 Episode 2 “Introduction to Teaching”

    As promised in the previous episode "Repilot," Season 5 of Community is working as more of a reboot than a continuation. The biggest change so far is that Jeff Winger is back as a teacher. It's clearly a change for him, as well as for the audience. He's quickly learning how different being a teacher is than a student.

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    Late to the Party Recap: Firefly Episode 12 “The Message”

    Last week's recap had to be relegated to a series of tweets due to time constraints. You can check them out with the hashtag #fireflew, or just watch the flashback at the beginning of this week's episode. Today, I've got all kinds of time, so let's get into it with the episode "The Message."

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    Late to the Party Recap: Firefly Episode 10 “War Stories”

    Last week's episode "Ariel" was the first time the show ended on a moment that made me immediately want to watch the next episode immediately, but I was patient and waiting until today. It'll be an interesting look at the merits of delayed gratification versus binge watching. Is "War Stories" worth the wait?

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    Late to the Party Recap: Firefly Episode 9, “Ariel”

    This episode starts with the usual summation of the story, but also a "Previously..." intro showing clips from past episodes. We see shots from "The Train Job" and a few others. The central theme of the flashbacks seems to be to reiterate that the Serenity crew are criminals and that River is real weird.

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    The Walking Dead Recap, 4×8: “Too Far Gone”

    This week on The Walking Dead, HOLY COW SOME STUFF FRIGGIN' HAPPENED. Best episode of the whole season so far, hands down. We're all going to need a moment to collect ourselves over here.

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    Late to the Party Recap: Firefly Episode 8 “Out of Gas”

    Last episode we saw the crew of the Serenity in a town that loves Jayne more than any town should, and as "Out of Gas" starts, it seems like things aren't going well. Instead of explaining what's wrong with Mal right now, the episode dives into a flashback of when Mal first buys Serenity and is showing it off to Zoe. She's not impressed.

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    The Walking Dead Recap, 4×7: “Dead Weight”

    The Governor continues to pretend that he's totally not a psychopathic Machiavellian nutball. It doesn't work for very long. Neither does the narrative structure of this episode, if you ask me.

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    The Walking Dead Recap, 4×6: “Live Bait”

    Hey, remember the Governor? Yeaaah. About that.

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