1. Entertainment

    Harrison Ford, Galaxy’s Most Lovable Grump, Addresses the “Who Shot First” Debate

    If you feel strongly about one of the most oft-debated issues in the nerd universe, Harrison Ford probably has a Han Solo- esque eye roll for you, princess. At a Reddit AMA on Saturday Ford was asked what reallyhappened in that Mos Eisley cantina, and surprisingly he doesn't think Greedo's to blame.

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  2. Entertainment

    The Guys From RiffTrax and MST3K Just Did an AMA on Reddit, So Here’s What You Missed

    Hey, did you know that RiffTrax, formerly the cast of Mystery Science Theater 3,000, is going to return to TV on National Geographic tonight? Because we've certainly been talking about it a lot. They've been talking about it, too, and they took to Reddit this afternoon to answer fan questions in an AMA, so we got some highlights together for you.

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  3. Weird

    President of Taco Bell Says He Doesn’t Know What 4/20 Is, Wants Canada To Take Justin Bieber Back

    As President of Taco Bell, I assumed Brian Nichols would automatically also be Chief Commander of Potheadery. But in a Reddit AMA yesterday the mayor of Taco Town said a lot of amazing things---including that he doesn't know what 4/20 is, Canada hasn't earned the right to Breakfast waffles, and guacamole is only a "sometimes" food.

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  4. Entertainment

    Jeff Goldblum Did An AMA And It Was Everything You’d Want It To Be And More

    Just when I thought it wasn't physically possible for me to love Jeff Goldblum any more than I already do, he goes and does an AMA on Reddit. It's everything you'd want a Goldblum AMA to be: weird; funny; a little awkward; full of "uhs," "ums," and "you knows"; and completely awesome. Let's all get Goldbluming and check out the highlights.

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  5. Gaming

    Magnus Carlsen Is Doing a Reddit AMA! Get Your Chess Questions Ready!

    Have a burning chess question for the World Champion Magnus Carlsen? You'll have your chance to ask it coming up on March 19th at 10:00AM ET, because Carlsen is doing an AMA! We'll start thinking of questions and bring you some of our favorites answers from Carlsen after the AMA.

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  6. Entertainment

    [Updated] Reddit Is Making MeowMeowBeenz From Community a Real Thing, Prepare to Futurize Your Decor

    Are you Five material? You're going to find out, because a software engineer on Reddit wants to make Meowmeowbeenz, the people-rating app from last night's Community, a reality. What, you didn't know they'd already built an entire Meowmeowbeenz subreddit in the time since the episode aired? Get with it, Newbeenz.

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  7. Entertainment

    Mark Hamill Brought Reddit an AMA From a Galaxy Far, Far Away

    The Joker and Luke Skywalker—er, Mark Hamill—did an AMA on Reddit last night, and it was pretty much as great as you would expect. Unfortunately, there wasn't any Episode VII news outside of a brief discussion on whether or not Luke would sport any facial hair, but here are some of our favorite questions and answers.

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  8. Entertainment

    Our Favorite Moments From the Jordan, Jesse, Go! Reddit AMA

    Jordan Morris and Jesse Thorn are two of the best podcasters around. They just did a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) about their show Jordan, Jesse, Go! Whether you're new to the show or a long-time fan, check out some of our favorite moments.

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  9. Tech

    In the Beginning, Reddit Was All About Porn And Programming

    According to the research that Computer science PhD student Randy Olson did back in March of this year, when Reddit was first established in 2005, it was basically made of "NSFW" content and programming, with a little bit of science thrown in. Now those three topics have been completely overshadowed by the vastness of Reddit's base.

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  10. Tech

    Reddit Updates User Agreement, Can Now Use Your Content However and Whenever It Wants

    Reddit announced an update to their user agreement yesterday. The announcement itself focused on making the agreement easier to read and understand, which is certainly a welcome change, but we noticed something else. Reddit now says they can use your content any way they see fit, even commercially.

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  11. Space

    Commander Chris Hadfield Discusses Going through Customs after Being in Space and More in His Reddit AMA

    Astronaut. Social Media Phenomenon. Mustache Grower. Canadian astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield is an amazing human being, and people have been taking notice after his great videos of life in space, his book, and his hilarious videos of astronaut life on Earth. He took to Reddit yesterday to let users ask him anything at all in a Reddit AMA.

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  12. Entertainment

    Highlights from Mystery Science Theater 3,000 Creator Joel Hodgson’s Reddit AMA Ahead of Thanksgiving Marathon

    Joel Hodgson, creator of the show Mystery Science Theather 3,000, held an AMA on Reddit to give fans the answers to all of their burning questions as he prepares for the show's Thanksgiving day web marathon. Take a look at some of the best answers and advice he gave, and attempt to keep your sanity with the help of your Reddit friends.

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  13. Weird

    Today Is National Cake Day, Contrary to Reports That the Cake Is a Lie

    According to National Days on Twitter, today is National Cake Day. Usually, cakes have a designated purpose, but today the cake is the purpose, so now's your opportunity to decorate that cake for whatever purpose you'd like. Isn't it great that National Cake Day and National Pie Day—erm, Thanksgiving—are both in the same week?

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  14. Weird

    School Bans Superhero Costumes for Halloween

    This morning a disturbing photo made its way onto the /WTF subreddit. It showed a letter sent home by a school informing parents that superhero costumes have been banned from school Halloween activities. What's even the point of Halloween then?

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  15. Tech

    Dutch Art Installation Reportedly Hacked, Now Makes Porn Moaning Sounds

    Today's a weird day for art and explicit content, huh? Except this time it's not intentional on the part of the artist. Apparently a public arts project in Enschede, Netherlands, been hacked so that instead of playing natural bird sounds as intended, it emits very creepy sex-moaning noises out of loudspeakers placed around a large part of town.

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