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  1. Entertainment

    Kiss $50 Goodbye, a Remote-Controlled Flying TARDIS is Available for Preorder

    That's weird. I could have sworn that about five minutes ago I had $46.99 more in my bank account than I do right now. I wonder if it has anything to do with the this remote-controlled flying TARDIS that just became available for pre-order. Sadly, it won't be shipping until July so I'll have to wait until then to start having Doctor Who adventures around Washington Square Park on my lunch breaks.

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  2. Tech

    Spying on Unsuspecting Moose With a Quadcopter’s a Norwegian Pastime [Video]

    Winter is a notoriously dull time of year for many people living in Norway, since there's not much one can do when everything is covered in a white blanket of snow. That is aside from the country's time-honored recreational activity: Sending out quadcopters rigged with video cameras to spy on the local moose population. Do they appreciate this unsolicited attention? Probably not, as moose are incapable of human levels of speech, but that should by no means stop you from watching some Norwegians laughing at a curious moose as though it were some cheeky Monty Python sketch.

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  3. Entertainment

    Working WALL-E Replica Complete, Melts Hearts Everywhere

    Prop maker and hobbyist Mike Senna has been working on a remote-controlled, life-size replica of Disney-Pixar's WALL-E since 2010. Now, his work is complete, and we get to see WALL-E roam the Earth he never knew. Directive: Make children happy.

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  4. Tech

    Watch This Amazing RC Transformer Transform Before Your Eyes [Video]

    Transformers of all varieties have always been awesome toys, but the bummer is that most of them require you to transform them. They're less "Transformers" and more "things that you can Transform if you want to, I guess." The remote-controlled transformers YouTuber kenjiishida011 makes, on the other hand, do the transforming all on their own. Good thing, because you'll be too busy slack-jawed and drooling to do anything yourself. Above is his latest project which he refers to as "Version 8" and it's incredible. Version 7 is no less impressive. Check it out after the jump.

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  5. Tech

    Spider Recon Robots are an Abomination, but Potentially Life-Saving

    The Fraunhofer Institute, a German applied research company, has recently been working on some horrid little spider recon robots that could have some very useful applications in emergency situations. During emergencies that involve dangerous contamination, such remote controlled robots could prove very useful in exploring hazardous areas and providing valuable information to first responders. Granted, they look positively horrifying, but there are actually some very good reasons that they're built like spiders, better reasons than "because it's all sci-fi and creepy."

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  6. Tech

    Pillow Remote Control

    Household gizmo and doo-dad store Brookstone thinks it has a solution to keep even the slovenliest of slobs from losing their remote controls or leaving them out of reach: A $30 pillow that hooks up with your TV remote, allowing you to flip through channels without ever leaving the couch, you lazy, lazy person.
    The Pillow Remote Control has databases containing codes for over 500 remote control devices. Its easy-to-click fabric buttons make changing channels a breeze. Power-saving auto shutoff feature shuts off remote functions after 60 seconds of inactivity. Remote has a wide-range transmitter with infrared LED built in. A fun way to watch TV or home theater, and a real conversation-starter. Uses 2 AAA batteries (not included).
    There's also an "activate" button that lets you flip the remote itself on and off, so the pillow still retains some pillowlike functionality. (via The Awesomer via TDW | Product page)

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