1. Weird

    More Powerful Than Hormones, More Confusing Than Your First Time: Uterus Man

    What do deep throat laser cannons, sanitary pad skateboards, and flying scorpion pelvises have in common? They're all part of the most ovarian-blowing introduction to a superhero ever, the video for Uterus Man. NSFW, sadly, unless you work with someone who can explain this to you (like a gynecologist from space.)

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  2. Science

    What Fruit Flies Eat as Larvae Affects Their Offspring, and That Could Also Be True of Humans

    A study done at The University of Alabama in Huntsville has shown that the larval diet of fruit flies has an impact on their offspring long before they're born or even conceived. Fruit flies are often used in studies as a stand in for humans because we have a similar metabolism, so that could mean what we eat growing up could have an impact on our kids.

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  3. Science

    Nothing Personal: Ants Execute Their Own To Prevent Damaging Population Booms

    Around many ant colonies, laying eggs is a one-woman-show, the duty of the queen ant. It's a facet so ingrained in ants that a number of species have been known to drag females who start laying eggs out of the colony, biting and stinging them to death, a behavior that has been seen in the past as a move to eliminate competition to the queen. According to new research published this week in the journal Current Biology, though, the executions have nothing to do with competition among ants and everything to do with the health of the colony as a whole, suggesting the execution may be analogous to a cellular immune response in other animals.

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  4. Science

    Artificial Eggs and Artificial Sperm Produce Real, Adorable Baby Mice

    The oft-asked question "How is babby formed?" just got a little more complicated to answer. A team of Japanese researchers have reared baby mice who are the product of joining an artificial sperm cell and an artificial egg. Both of the reproductive cells in question were made by transforming adult cells into induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), the lab created stem cell strains that have shown both promise and peril in recent studies. Those iPSCs were then turned into sperm and egg cells, respectively, and finally turned into adorable mouse pups.

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