1. Tech

    [Product Review] Rokit Boost Swage 2 Bluetooth Headphones

    Rokit Boost sent us a pair of their Swage 2 Bluetooth headphones to review. They're simple to use, and surprisingly affordable compared to some other Bluetooth headsets we've seen. That's not to say they're not without their drawbacks.

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  2. Entertainment

    Review: RockitBoost Excess 2400 Battery Case for iPhone 5/5S

    You'd think that with all the technology we possess at our fingertips, cell phones would have amazing battery life. Alas, they do not. If you have a RockitBoost Excess 2400 case for your iPhone 5 or 5S, though, then you can pretend that yours does. We got the chance to review this external battery and think it's pretty cool.

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  3. Tech

    You Can Win a Nice Looking Wooden Watch From Jord, Here’s How!

    Most of us probably rely on our phones to tell the time. If I'm being honest, usually so do I, but sometimes you just need a watch. Our friends at Jord make beautiful wooden watches. They sent us one to try out, and they want to give one lucky a reader a watch as well. Here's how you can win.

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  4. Entertainment

    Review: Hulu’s New Original Series Deadbeat Tries to Combine The Sixth Sense With The Big Lebowski

    Hulu showed off the first episode of their upcoming original supernatural comedy series Deadbeat at SXSW, and I got to see it. I've been really impressed with some of Hulu's other originals like Moonboy and especially the wonderful The Wrong Mans. How does Deadbeat hold up?

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  5. Tech

    We Tested the Sumo Lounge “Gamer” and “Sway 2.0″ Bean Bag Chairs, and We Are Very Comfortable

    A few weeks ago Sumo Lounge sent us their "Gamer" (pictured left) and "Sway 2.0" (right) bean bag chairs, and our office is all the more comfortable for it. In a world where standing desks are becoming more popular, we're prepared to go completely in the other direction.

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  6. Tech

    [Product Review] Goodbye, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, You’ve Ruined All Other Phones for Me You Beautiful Machine

    Three weeks ago Samsung sent me a review unit of their giant Galaxy Note 3 "phablet" (Please. Someone come up with a better word.) Today I have to send it back, and it's breaking my heart. The Note 3 is a wonderful device. Here's why.

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  7. Tech

    We Tested (and Broke) the ThinkGizmos Turbo Drone Micro Quadcopter, Here’s What We Thought

    The nice people at sent us this adorable little drone to test out. It's the ThinkGizmos Turbo Drone Micro Quadcopter. We had dreams of interoffice aerial dominance, but our hopes were dashed when we realized this thing takes skill to fly—skill we do not have.

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  8. Entertainment

    100% Spoiler-Free Review of [Movie Title Redacted to Avoid Spoilers]

    People on the Internet sure do hate spoilers. They even hate things that aren't really spoilers. To try to make those people happy, here is a review of a movie we watched that is 100% free of any spoilers about the film including its title, cast, plot, setting, and crew. Enjoy!

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  9. Tech

    Product Review: Mio Alpha Heart Rate Monitor

    It's a common misconception that nerds are all out of shape losers. Okay, sure, some of us aren't in the best shape possible, but we're working on it, all right? And all the cool gadgets out there make for a great incentive -- like the Mio Alpha, for example, which is a heart rate monitor that boasts some pretty impressive bluetooth capabilities.

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  10. Tech

    Product Review: The Feenix Nascita 2014, AKA the Classiest Gaming Mouse on the Market

    Have a whole bunch of money you want to spend on a gamer this holiday season? The Feenix Nascita 2014 gaming mouse might be your best option. It's easy to use, comfortable to rest your hand on, and endlessly classy-looking -- if you can get past the expensive price tag, of course. Check out the rest of our review for more.

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  11. Gaming

    The Plantronics Rig Gaming Headset and Mixer, an Elegant Solution for a Problem You May or May Not Have

    Plantronics sent us over their Rig gaming headset and mixer to play with, so that's what we did. The Rig lets your pipe your phone into your headset. You can answer call, talk, and quickly switch back to the game to let your team know what's up without pausing your game. It works, but we're not sure it's a solution we need.

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  12. Weird

    Company Tries to Fine Customer $3,500 for Leaving Negative Review Online

    We all know we're supposed to read the Terms and Conditions before we agree to anything, but nobody ever does. Unfortunately, that means companies can slip whatever the heck they want in there. Case in point: the website has a clause in their terms of sale that allows them to harass customers who "negatively impact" their business.

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  13. Entertainment

    Man of Steel Is Out Today on Blu-ray and DVD

    Man of Steel, the tentpole around which Warner Bros. is building their new DC film universe, is out on DVD and Blu-ray today. We took a look at the special features on the Blu-ray. Here's what we think!

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  14. Tech

    Product Review: Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Charger

    We've been testing out the Goal Zero Nomad 7 portable solar charger and battery pack for the past few weeks. If you're thinking about buying a solar charger to power your electronics on the go, see what we thought about the Nomad after spending some time with it.

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  15. Entertainment

    Electric Man Is the Small Scottish Indie Film the Internet Deserves, and the One It Needs Right Now

    What if Dante and Randal from Clerks were Scottish, ran a comic book shop, and were involved in a caper? Well then you'd have Electric Man, and that's actually something you're probably going to want to get your hands on. It's available on DVD now.

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