1. Science

    Scientists Call for Legal Sale of Rhino Horns to Help, Uh, Save Rhinos?

    Reasonable people can probably agree that poaching endangered animals like a rhinoceros for their horns is foul play, but that doesn't stop it from being a huge industry. There have been efforts to stop rhino poaching, like a ban on the trading of rhino horns, but these efforts haven't worked. Now, in a weird Hail Mary play, four environmental scientists are calling for the international community to allow for a legal rhino horn trade in the hopes that it will curb the demand for illegal poaching.

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  2. Science

    Highly Preserved Fossil Rhino Found Flash Fried In Volcanic Ash

    A team of European paleontologists have described s nine million-year-old rhinoceros skull in a nearly unbelievable state of preservation, thanks to the fact that it once belonged to a rhino who suffered the unlucky fate of being flash-cooked in volcanic ash. While it sounds like a pretty terrible way to go for the rhino, the immaculately preserved skull is a boon for researchers, who are getting a better look at the ancient mammal than they ever thought possible.

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