Richard III

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    What Are the Odds? Math Students Calculate That The Chances of Finding Richard III’s Body Were Terrible

    Hey, remember last month when researchers from the University of Leicester used DNA evidence to prove a body found underneath a parking lot was that of King Richard III? And then everyone was all like, "What are the odds?" Some math students at the same university went ahead and ran the numbers. As you'd expect, the chances of actually finding Richard III's body were almost infinitesimally slim.

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    Good Job, Now Do Hoffa: Body of Richard III Found Buried Beneath Parking Lot

    The long-lost body of one of England's most famously reviled royals has been discovered in a rather ignominious final resting place. Researchers from the University of Leicester are reporting today the DNA evidence has confirmed that a body found beneath a parking lot late last year is indeed that of Richard III. Some historians are hoping the find will provide a chance for people to look at the 15th-century monarch in a new light, independent of the 'hunchback made of pure evil' characterization popularized by Shakespeare's well known play.

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