1. Weird

    Man Convicted For Burglary Attempt Is Sentenced To Singledom For Three Years

    If you ever get dragged into a plot to commit robbery, you don't just have to worry about possible jail time, legal fees, or probation if you get caught -- you'll also have to worry that you're not going to be allowed to date anyone anymore. That's apparently a thing a judge can demand of you now.

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  2. Weird

    Student in Spider-Man Costume Tazed and Arrested for Robbery

    21-year-old University of Pitttsburgh student Jonathan Hewson was arrested on robbery charges while wearing a full Spider-Man costume. A clerk at the Atwood Express called police after tazing Hewson, who was then found about a block away. Don't worry: There's video.

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  3. Weird

    12-Year-Old Robs Lemonade Stand With BB Gun in Real Life Little Rascals Story

    Crime is no joke, but sometimes it's at least a little bit adorable. A lemonade stand run by a 10-year-old was robbed on Monday by a 12-year-old with a BB gun. The li'l thug made off with the till only to be run down by another group of kids -- at least one of whom we hope was dressed as Batman at the time.

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  4. Weird

    Craigslist Ad Selling Crate Full of iPhones Somehow Not Legit, Leads to Armed Robbery

    Here's a life lesson, folks -- if someone on the Internet offers to sell you a box of 50 iPhones for $10,000, then they're probably trying to rob you. A man in South Seattle, Washington found that out the hard way recently when he met with a prospective seller on Monday, only to get robbed of his $10,000 at gunpoint.Well, at least he didn't get murdered. That's always a plus when that doesn't happen.

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  5. Weird

    Tearful Robber Holds Up Papa John’s for Money, Walks Away With Pizza Instead

    The cardinal rule of any successful robbery -- whether it be a bank, store, or any other establishment carrying copious amounts of cash -- is to maintain control of one's emotions throughout the duration of the forced transaction until it is complete. In other words, do try to keep it cool. A neophyte robber in Helena, Montana failed to heed this adage when holding up a local Papa John's, turning what otherwise should have been a tense situation into an awkward one when he broke down and started bawling in front of the clerk and everyone waiting in line for pizza.

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  6. Weird

    Delicious Mistake: Australian Jewel Thieves Tunnel Into Wrong Building, Get KFC Instead of Diamonds

    We love a good heist story here at Geekosystem. We even love ridiculous heist stories, which is good, because this story is exactly that -- Ridiculous. Two men in Australia have been arrested after tunneling into a KFC and holding it up, making off with thousands of dollars, and we assume the Colonel's secret recipe. That's silly enough, but the pair was actually trying to tunnel into the adjacent jewelry store. Better still, this marks their third unsuccessful attempt at robbing that same jewelry store. They're persistence is admirable, even if their burglary skills are somewhat lacking.

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  7. Weird

    Tiny Dog Foils Robbery [Video]

    Don't let his size fool you, this little dog is a warrior. Paco, a chihuahua, recently ran off a pair of robbers from the Ace Smoke Shop in Altadena, CA. Released by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, the footage of the July 7th robbery shows Paco barking and lunging at the robbers. Though the men did make off with some money, they didn't get as much as they could have if Paco hadn't been there to interfere. The robbers are still at large, but Paco is just fine and is being heralded for his bravery by the shop's owner. (via NPR)

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  8. Weird

    Man Robs Bank To Receive Free Healthcare In Jail

    James Richard Verone, a Gastonia, NC resident and former Coca-Cola truck driver has been charged with larceny from a person for robbing a local RBC Bank of $1. Verone committed the robbery to receive free healthcare while incarcerated because he has no benefits and can not take on the financial cost of his own care. The charge is larceny from a person because Verone only took $1. The charge carries reduced jail time, but like bank robbery, the crime is still a felony. After passing the bank teller a note demanding $1 and healthcare, Verone sat quietly in the bank and waited for police to arrive. He was arrested and taken to the county jail, where his $100,000 bond has since been reduced to $2,000. He doesn't intend to pay it, he is purposefully staying in jail.

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