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    #FollowFriday: Robert Downey Jr. (@RobertDowneyJr)

    Okay, we know it's technically Saturday, but we're bringing you a day-late Follow Friday in honor of a very special someone who just joined the Twitterverse last night. Ladies and gentlemen, please go and follow the one and only RDJ. Or Tony Stark. We can't tell the difference anymore.

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    So Robert Downey Jr. Celebrated His Birthday Yesterday By Hosting A Winter Soldier Screening For Adorable Kids

    About a month ago, we heard that Robert Downey Jr. was planning on celebrating his 49th birthday in the sweetest way possible; since his big day, April 4th, coincided with the American release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, RDJ was going have 50 lucky superhero-loving kids over to watch the flick with Iron Man. And then he totally did.

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    Robert Downey, Jr. to Return in Future Avengers Movies

    Speculation abounded in the aftermath of Iron Man 3, what with the end of Robert Downey, Jr.'s contract with Marvel. After negotiations, he has signed on to reprise his role in two more Avengers movies, the first of which is due to come out in spring 2015.

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    Brace Yourself for Iron Man 3 With This Quick Animated Recap [Video]

    Are you ready to see Iron Man 3 this weekend? I know I'm ready to see Iron Man 3 this weekend. If you happen to be joining the Stark train late in the game, there's three movies that you really need to read up on before seeing the latest and greatest. Iron ManIron Man 2, and The Avengers all feature heavy doses of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark. Thankfully, the National Post has a lovely animated recap prepared for just such an occasion.

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    New Iron Man 3 Trailer Features a Whole Mess of Iron Men [Video]

    Robert Downey Jr. might not be the best actor ever, but he's certainly the best Tony Stark. Iron Man 3 certainly looks like it's going to have even more explosions than the two previous movies, so there's that too. Plus, Don Cheadle, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ben Kingsley, and Guy Pearce? The film's just full of great folks. We still have to wait until May 3rd to see the full thing, but Marvel's released yet another gorgeous trailer to hold us over until then.

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    Anne Rice Calls Vampires in Highschool “Ridiculous”

    Anne Rice news is making the entertainment blogs this weekend for an interview with Vulture Magazine in which she hypothetically casts a hypothetical modern adaptation of Interview With a Vampire, mentioning, among other people, Robert Downey, Jr. for the role of Lestat.

    Now Lestat, there are a lot of people who could play Lestat... Jamie Bamber, he’s terrific, I was just watching him last night in England’s Law & Order. I’d seen him on Battlestar Galactica, but I’d never seen him unleash that beautiful diction. So I think there are many, many actors...
    Robert Downey Jr.? That would be wonderful. He is a great actor. He would bring the gravitas and the wit and humor and all of that to the part, and I don’t think he’s too old. I think if he had a blond wig and makeup, he would be a wonderful Lestat. Lestat has to have the gravitas of a 200-year-old man and Robert Downey Jr. can do it.
    But we were actually much more interested in her comments on Twilight.

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    Stephen Fry is Mycroft Holmes

    There isn't much known about the upcoming sequel to the fun, if not entirely accurate, Sherlock Holmes, not even a title. Even Jude Law, the series' Dr. Watson, is only so far rumored to appear in the film. But one bit of quite exciting info is forthcoming from the horse's mouth. At least, one horse's mouth. In a BBC Radio interview, Stephen Fry happened to mention in passing (while talking generally about being a character actor) that he is signed on to play Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock's mysterious gentleman's-club-dwelling brother.

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    The Avengers Panel [Video]

    We can't all be at Comic Con. I mean, think of the overcrowding! And so for all of us who graciously refrained from attending so that everyone else might be more comfortable, here's the footage of the Marvel Studio's panel, where the entire cast of The Avengers debuted with their director, Joss Whedon. Let the poster photoshopping begin!

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    Does Marvel Studios Alienate Actors?

    Spinoff Online has a provocative article chronicling Marvel Studio's frequent clashes with its talent, not only asking whether this policy is intentional, but whether it will become a problem for the studio later on. The most recent manifestation of this trend is of course the outright dismissal of Edward Norton from the cast of The Avengers, despite a performance as Bruce Banner that was motivated by a real personal love for the character. Other examples include Terrence Howard being replaced for Iron Man 2, and Samuel L. Jackson nearly walking from the same production over salary arguments.

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    Sam Raimi to Direct 3D ‘Wizard of Oz’ Prequel, Robert Downey, Jr. May Star

    Though he had previously said otherwise, Sam Raimi has accepted the offer to helm Disney's Oz, the Great and Powerful, the planned prequel to the original Wizard of Oz tale. Previously, directorial names like Adam Shankman, Timur Bekmambetov, and even Guillermo del Toro had been thrown around. This will be Raimi's first official directorial project since exiting Spider-Man 4.

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    Robert Downey, Jr. Buys Avenger Comics

    Robert Downey, Jr. went out to buy some comics the other day and was captured in the act by people with cameras. This is not normally something we'd spend a lot of discussion on, but there was one picture in particular that caught our eye. One that reminded us of the days when we found comic stores somewhat overwhelming, but at the same time desperately didn't want anyone to think we needed help. This one:

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    Rumor: Nathan Fillion in the Avengers Movie?!

    In an article discussing the casting of Kevin Pennington as someone in the Avengers movie, Marvelous News' "insider source" had this to say about what characters Pennington couldn't be:

    Nathan Fillion is pretty much locked to be Henry Pym, and should be announced before any other new additions to the cast (think around Comic Con).

    Hubba-WAH?! Why isn't this the headline? Well, consider it fixed. Nathan Fillion might be in the Avengers movie that Joss Whedon is in negotiations to write and direct.

    It doesn't happen too often that we want to go off to the corner and make fangirl noises, but this is one of those times.

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    Iron Man 2 Has the Fifth-Best Opening Weekend Box Office of All Time

    With an opening weekend box office of an estimated $133.6 million, Iron Man 2 has had the fifth-best opening weekend of all time not including ticket price inflation, the L.A. Times reports. Not surprisingly, the movie came in at #1 among this weekend's offerings; ticket sales for the previous #1, Nightmare on Elm Street, fell an alarming 72%.

    The biggest opening weekend of all time remains another superhero movie -- The Dark Knight, at $158.4 million; while Iron Man 2 didn't come as close to the mark as some had predicted, it still did way better than the original Iron Man's $98.6 million opening weekend.

    It's still possible that Iron Man 2 will crack #4 if the estimates wind up being adjusted upward:

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    An Iron Man 2 Walkthrough for Lowering Your Expectations

    I think I can speak with some authority when I say that most of the tribes of geekdom are excited for tomorrow's stateside release of Iron Man 2. I'm with you. I was there in '07 with my friends in the back of the theater giving the movie raucous applause by the time Robert Downey, Jr. finally said "I'm Iron Man." I saw the trailers with the suitcase armor and the strategic use of that iconic song. So I understand the hype. I also understand the dismay some may be feeling, having read the early critical (and I mean critical) reviews of the film that came out recently. I've also read the glowing (though less glittering than the original's) reviews made by our cousins in the geek community. So I'm here to say: Calm down. Lower your expectations. And see the movie, as I'm about to give you a walkthrough to prepare you for tonight's midnight showing. Assuming, of course, that you have your tickets already.

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    All The Iron Man 2 Press Stills

    Iron Man 2 will be upon us in less than a week (in fact, I've heard it may factor into my Mothers Day plans), and has a handy gallery up, collecting every official press image released by Paramount.

    Most of them are familiar to people who have been following coverage of the movie, but rest assured, there are a few refreshingly new shots in here. Like the one above of Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury.

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