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    All The Iron Man 2 Press Stills

    Iron Man 2 will be upon us in less than a week (in fact, I've heard it may factor into my Mothers Day plans), and has a handy gallery up, collecting every official press image released by Paramount.

    Most of them are familiar to people who have been following coverage of the movie, but rest assured, there are a few refreshingly new shots in here. Like the one above of Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury.

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    Iron Man 2 Full Skydiving Clip

    Not satisfied by the three seconds of Tony Stark skydiving in the Iron Man 2 trailer? Unenchanted by Pepper Pots' feistyness? Would you like a whole bunch of gratuitous Ironette dancing? Comic Book Resources has you covered. For the spoiler wary, this clip is just an extended version of what we saw in the trailer, but leaving in the bits of the movie just having fun with Iron Man flight and, well... boobs. The only dialogue in it also appears in the trailer.

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    Rumor: Joss Whedon to Direct The Avengers?!?

    In the category of worst news to ever break on April Fools Day, rumors have been surfacing this week that Joss Whedon may direct the Avengers movie. It was reported first at IESB, who took pains to stress that this was not an April Fools joke on their part. Now, The LA Times has done some digging and hear from their sources at Marvel Studios that this is partially true. No director for the Avengers movie has been chosen yet, but Whedon is on the short list.

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    New Iron Man 2 Trailer Debuts on Jimmy Kimmel Live

    Jimmy Kimmel Live rode the Oscars' wave tonight and gave patient, insomniac geeks some well-deserved eye candy in the form of a brand new trailer for Iron Man 2. After sharing the suitably maverick story of how he corralled Mickey Rourke into playing the role of Whiplash in the movie, real-life Tony Stark Robert Downey Jr. debuted the trailer, which had some familiar footage from past Iron Man 2 sneak peeks, but rewards the faithful with suitcase armor, evil Sam Rockwell, and Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. Trailer after the jump:

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    New Iron Man 2 Footage: Whiplash Aftermath

    MSN has debuted a behind the scenes feature of sorts on the Monaco race scene that we've seen featured in the Iron Man 2 trailer. The majority of it is typical actors in folding-chairs saying that the movie's going to be awesome, and some pre-special effects shots of cars blowing up and getting shoved around. Scarlett Johansson rather endearingly uses the phrase "off the hook." We'll take Mickey Rourke's word for it though. I mean. He's Mickey Rourke. However, at the one minute mark, a clip is shown of never previously released footage, showing the aftermath of Whiplash's attack. The new clip, and a spoiler free discussion of whether this clip has spoilers, after the jump:

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