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    This Full-Length, Crowdsourced RoboCop Remake Is as Weird and Funny as It Sounds [Video]

    The guys behind Our RoboCop Remake are sick of the Hollywood remake machine, so they decided to do something about it. They broke the original RoboCop down into separate segments and let a whole lot of filmmakers each remake a piece so they can ruin RoboCop before Hollywood does, and the result is pretty fun to watch.

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    Here’s a Hilarious Homemade Shot-for-Shot Remake of the RoboCop Trailer to Get Your Day Going [Video]

    We've got mixed feelings on the RoboCop remake. The first trailer got us really excited, but now we've seen some more action movie-style trailers that haven't left us feeling so hopeful. Maybe that's why we enjoy this homemade recreation of one of the trailers so much. Or, it could be that it reminds us of Home Movies. Whichever.

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    New Robocop Reminds Us It’s an Action Movie, Not Just an Existential Examination of Free Will

    We were excited for the first Robocop trailer, but it was a cautious optimism. We've been burned too many times by great trailers that resulted in terrible movies. (Spider-Man 3 *cough cough*) This new trailer for the film sure has a lot more action, but it also has a lot less of what we loved about the first trailer -- character.

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  4. Entertainment

    In No Uncertain Terms, The Robocop Trailer Looks Amazing

    I think it's fair to call most people's feelings about the Robocop reboot "hesitant optimism," but ermagherd the trailer is incredible. I know an excellent trailer doen't mean an excellent film (see: Man of Steel), but this fills us with hope. Even if the movie is terrible, at least we have two incredible minutes of hope.

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  5. Entertainment

    Congratulations, Detroit, You’re Getting a Giant Robocop Statue, See It Before It’s Bronzed

    Kickstarter has given the world a lot of interesting things. Soon it will bring a larger-than-life statue of Robocop to Detroit. The project raised more than its $50,000 goal back in March of 2011, and the statue is finally ready to be cast in bronze. If you've ever wanted to see a pre-bronze Robocop statue, we have pictures after the jump.

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  6. Entertainment

    Michael Keaton Talks Batman, Beetlejuice, and the New Robocop on WTF with Marc Maron Podcast

    WTF with Marc Maron is one of the most popular, and best, podcasts on the Internet. It's on the radar of most comedy geeks, but Maron interviews people from a few different worlds, including the world of Hollywood. The latest episode features an interview with Michael Keaton, who many forget started as a comic, and the two talked about Batman, Beetlejuice, and Keaton's role in the upcoming Robocop reboot.

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  7. Entertainment

    Robocop’s New Suit Doesn’t Look Like Batman Anymore

    A couple of months ago, we were shocked and disturbed when images leaked from the set of the upcoming Robocop remake revealed that the cyborg hero's iconic look had been replaced by a black-plated suit strongly resembling Batman's costume in the Christopher Nolan trilogy. We're now happy to find that new concept art has surfaced, indicating that Robocop will, somewhere down the line, get some silver armor that looks more like the original than a generic "super-suit."

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  8. Entertainment

    The New RoboCop Looks Like Batman Without the Cape and Pointy Ears

    Everybody loves Christopher Nolan's Batman movies, right? Ok, maybe not; but can we at least agree that everybody's seen them? Of course we can. It's with that idea in mind that we present you with photos of the armor from the upcoming reboot of RoboCop, which is currently filming in Toronto, and on track to hit theaters next summer. Supposedly the first shots of the new suit, the new movie trades in the rounded chrome plates of 80's RoboCop for a sleeker, black suit that... Wait a second: Didn't that suit come with a cape?

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  9. Entertainment

    Stop Everything: ED-209 Confirmed in New RoboCop Film

    In what is quite possibly the most important news about the forthcoming RoboCop reboot, the bipedal stair-hating mech ED-209 has been confirmed in the cast. So far, ED-209 will be the only cast member from the original 1987 film and will join Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson, and Hugh Laurie in the 2013 reboot of the franchise. This is a happy day.

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  10. Entertainment

    Hugh Laurie to Join Everyone in Hollywood and Their Dog in Upcoming Robocop Film

    Here's a few things you might not have known: First, there's going to be a new Robocop movie set to re-tell the origins of the part man, part machine, all cop crimefighter. Second, some pretty big name actors are already attached to the film. Now, it seems like British actor Hugh Laurie will be joining them as -- wait for it -- the villain.

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  11. Tech

    Mini ED-209 Robocop Made From Recycled Metal is Cute Welded to Fearsome

    I am nothing if not a fan of mechs, and I am stoked to say that it is a very, very good year for mechs. As if it wasn't good enough already (it is), this mini ED-209 Robocop junkbot is just gravy. A miniscule version of its sophisticated namesake, the mini ED-209 was constructed by TGNsmith out of recycled materials like  an old computer case and some spent propane tanks welded together with some love and ingenuity. The mini ED-209 junkbot actually has a big brother junkbot that weighs over 300 pounds, but this little guy has his own distinct characteristic: He's for sale.

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  12. Weird

    Real-Life RoboCop Sends Fan Mail to Adorable Kid RoboCop

    Remember those photos of the kid dressed as RoboCop that thoroughly charmed the Internet a few weeks back? Well, he's recently received fan mail from none other than Peter Weller, who played RoboCop in RoboCop and RoboCop 2.

    Gram - You are certainly the best RoboCop of all time! Stay out of trouble - Gram - RoboCop
    According to Gram's dad, Jim, "Gram believes the real Robocop sent this to him, because that's exactly what we told him. It's already framed and on his bedroom wall." (Sweet Juniper via Waxy)

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  13. Entertainment

    9 Minimalist Black-and-Red Posters for Classic Movies

    Artist Olly Moss is well known for his minimalist black-and-red movie posters. To promote a free summer movie series they'll be running in August, Levi's and the Alamo Drafthouse commissioned Moss to make posters for nine films in his signature style: He did not disappoint. Below, see Moss' reinterpretations of Dirty Harry, The Godfather Part II, Rocky, Convoy, RoboCop, On the Waterfront, Jackie Brown, The Blues Brothers, and There Will Be Blood. There are some clever references to the movies' happenings in a few, like the stairs in Rocky and the Genco Olive Oil Company in Godfather Part II. But you don't have to have seen the movies to appreciate these posters.

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  14. Weird

    The Coolest Sci-Fi Homage to Mt. Rushmore You’ll See Today [Pic]

    In his aptly titled work "Mt. BadA$$," DeviantARTist Fooray reimagines Mt. Rushmore as a monument not to great U.S. presidents, but to pillars of sci-fi and geekdom, with Iron Man, RoboCop, Boba Fett, and the Predator taking the places of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln, respectively.

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