1. Tech

    Festo’s Bionic Kangaroo Robot Can Probably Hop Forever… Into Your Nightmares

    It's very possible that Dr. Robotnik works for Festo after seeing this fascinating bionic kangaroo robot. That's right, friends! Festo has just unveiled a bionic kangaroo, and with the use of kangaroo physics (and just physics in general), this robot is able to move around and jump like any real one.

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  2. Tech

    A Mini Robot Surgeon Will Invade Astronauts’ Bodies Through Their Belly Buttons to Heal Them

    Space is scary enough on its own, but if one of its many horrors causes astronauts to need medical attention, someone needs to step up, and that someone might just be a robot surgeon that crawls into their bodies through their belly buttons. Good luck trying to get to sleep tonight.

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  3. Science

    Study Examines Human Acceptance of Orders From Robots, Assume the Party Escort Submission Position

    Would you take orders from a robot? With lasers and deadly neurotoxin, they've got plenty of ways to make you, but a research team examined whether or not people would do it willingly. Armed with incredibly boring tasks and adorable tininess, a robot pushed people to see just how long they'd take its GLaDOS-style nonsense.

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  4. Tech

    MIT Built a Squishy Robot Fish That Swims Like the Real Thing, Let’s Make a Mega Piranha Sequel

    MIT's new robot fish is the latest in "soft robotics," which is like regular robotics but more huggable. It substitutes liquid flowing through cables for traditional means of robotic movement, which allows some of the soft robots to move in pretty lifelike ways. That's what enabled them to build the inevitable star of SyFy's next monster movie.

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  5. Tech

    Meet Ninjabot, A Robot That Can Kill With The Striking Force Of A Mantis Shrimp

    Despite looking utterly ridiculous, the mantis shrimp is a terrifying creature that should be treated with incredible respect. The mantis has a punch so hard-core, Captain Falcon is jealous. So, naturally, science decided it would be a great idea to build a robot with those very same punching powers. What could possibly go wrong?

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  6. Tech

    Someone Built a Goldfish a Robot Body. Great, One More Apocalypse to Worry About

    You know what's scary about a goldfish? Nothing. Then you put one in a swimming-controlled robot body, and soon we'll be calling them "Mr. Goldfish," or just sir, because they'll be our aqua-robotic overlords. For now, though, a fish driving a robot body around is adorably surreal. Let's just not scale this up to sharks, OK?

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  7. Tech

    This Dragonfly Robot Can Avoid Obstacles All by Itself, Making It Harder to Destroy in Inevitable Robot Uprising

    Pictured above is the DelFly Explorer, a small, super-lightweight micro air vehicle (MAV), built by TU Delft. The latest innovation of the DelFly is an onboard stereo camera system that measures distances to objects, allowing DelFly to avoid objects on its own. It's harmless on its own, but put enough of them together, and we're freaked out.

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  8. Weird

    Health Insurance Telemarketers Programmed a Robot to Lie and Insist It’s Human

    We're not sure if we're more scared by a robot that tries to convince people it's human or by the fact that a company thought it was a good idea to fool people like that. A robot with a human voice that called itself "Samantha West" has been calling people in an effort to sell health insurance, because robots need their human slaves to be healthy.

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  9. Science

    Real-Life Bionic Man on Display in Washington DC

    The "Bionic Man" is a 6 foot tall robot outfitted with all of the top technology available in prosthetic organs, and he's the star of the Smithsonian Channel's documentary The Incredible Bionic Man. After a brief stint at New York Comic Con, he'll be on hand at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC on Thursday, October 17.

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  10. Tech

    Australian Company Flirtey Making Unmanned Aerial Textbook Delivery a Reality

    Australian startup Flirtey is pioneering the future of dropping knowledge with unmanned textbook delivery drones. Patience will be a thing of the past when you can get anything you want delivered the very same day by a robot that flies straight to your smartphone's location.

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  11. Science

    MIT Is Building Self Assembling Robots, Because Science Loves Tempting Fate [Video]

    Want a glimpse at what your final moments on this planet will look like? In this video, MIT News proudly shows off MIT's new, tiny, colorful death machines — um, I mean robots. Self assembling, move-under-their-own-power, hurl-themselves-through-the-air robots.

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  12. Space

    Talking Robot Utters First Words in Space, Looks Like IRL Anime [VIDEO]

    We've told you about Kirobo before; he's a 13.4-inch tall humanoid robot inspired by Astro Boy, is surprisingly cute, and is mostly not terrifying. Kirobo accompanied Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakada to the International Space Station, where he was to function as a conversational partner, and it seems like he's actually pulling it off.

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  13. Tech

    Samsung Roboray Robot Maps Its Environment in 3D, Walks Just Like a Human [Video]

    Roboray, the latest humanoid robot from Samsung, has a new trick up its sleeve. Thanks to new visual recognition software developed at the University of Bristol, the automaton can build real-time, 3D visual maps of its environment. The new software lets Roboray look at its surroundings and create a map of them as it moves -- or as things move around it -- and retain that information to remember where it has been before, which brings us one step closer to having autonomous robots walking around. If you're a fan of that idea, it's great news! If you're not, commence being

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  14. Tech

    Sensitive “Skin” Gives Robot Feeling in Whole Arm, Lets It Reach Through Clutter [Video]

    Georgia Tech researchers have taken one big step towards building a robot will be able to get that jar of mustard from the back of the refrigerator without making an ungodly mess of the place. They've developed a "skin" that gives tactile sensitivity to a robot's whole arm, allowing it to snake its way through obstacles and pick up objects that in the midst of a cluttered environment without disturbing the items surrounding it.

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  15. Tech

    Flying Rescue Robot Could Be the Lifeguard of the Future

    A research lab in Iran is hard at work building a new robotic lifeguard that could respond instantly to passengers and crew who fall from ships by flying to their rescue and dropping a life preserver to them from the sky. It's a noble cause and a novel use for a robot, not to mention extremely forward thinking. Considering the state of most cruise ships lately, people jumping overboard to take their chances with the sharks rather than hang out for one more day in a feces-smeared cabin with no electricity is going to be a more and more common occurrence. Hell, these could be a whole new attraction: "Get saved from certain death in the open ocean by one of Carnival's Rescue Robots!"

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