1. Tech

    SociBot Can Borrow Your Friends’ Faces, Presumably To Tell You They’ve Been “Saved”

    You know RoboThespian, the robot that performs stand-up for British audiences? If you've ever wanted to own your own version of him, then you're in luck -- you can get the SociBot instead. All you need is about $16,000 and an iron constitution that can withstand any foreboding sense of dread brought on by face-stealing robots.

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  2. Space

    Astronauts To Test Super-Sensitive “Touchy-Feely” Joystick In Space, Probably Not A Euphemism

    After making a whole lot of NASA-related dick jokes last weekend, I'm going to avoid the easy punchline here and just stick to facts. This summer, astronauts on the International Space Station will test a wearable joystick that might one day allow them to control robots on other words from orbit. Also, you strap the joystick to your waist. Because.

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  3. Science

    The Universe Would Destroy You Without a Thought, and Here Are 10 Ways It Could Do That [Video]

    We're taking a little time out of our busy schedule of telling you all about robot apocalypses and zombie apocalypses to scare you with some more realistic ones. I hope you didn't want to feel secure at all today, because here are just ten of the multitude of ways that all known life could be wiped out to unsettle you.

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  4. Tech


    I didn't think I needed a robot in my life that would jump out of boxes and alert me to twitter trends while making customized Oreos. But then I watched this video.

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  5. Tech

    In Preparation For The Singularity, Tomorrow Is Future Day

    Tomorrow is apparently "Future Day," and n0t just in the same way that today is present day. March 1st is an unofficial holiday for transhumanists, designed to "elevat[e]the human condition" and maybe help us prepare for the robot uprising.

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  6. Tech

    We Can Now Make Artificial Muscle Out Of Fishing Line That’s 100 Times Stronger Than Actual Muscle

    Though we've talked about artificial muscles made of graphene, science has come up with a newer (and cheaper) way to get the same job done. By using fishing line, artificial muscles have been created that operate with one hundred times the strength of a human muscle (so might as well start bowing to your inevitable robot overlords now).

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  7. Entertainment

    Car Insurance Commercial Remade With LEGO Proves Everything Is Better When Remade With LEGO

    We get a lot of emails that are obvious ploys by companies to try to fool us into posting a commercial for them under the guise of it being interesting content. Well guess what, sometimes it works. They remade the above boring insurance commercial with LEGO and now we love them and their little robot Brian.

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  8. Tech

    DARPA And The Pentagon Are Working On Tiny Brain Robots To Help Soldiers With Memory Loss

    Not content with only building gigantic horror-bots that will one day rule your city with a literal iron fist, DARPA has teamed up with the Pentagon to get a little smaller - implantable-brain-robot smaller. Hopefully, this new project will help treat memory loss in soldiers injured in combat (and not turn them into weird DARPA-slavebots).

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  9. Tech

    14 Robot Valentine’s Day Cards To Warm Your Cold Mechanical Heart

    Just because robots are incapable of emotion doesn't mean they can't get into the action on Valentine's Day! We've rounded up 14 of the most interesting bots we've covered in the past few years and turned them into Valentine cards that you can share with your loved ones next week. (Just don't be surprised if you get some restraining order back.)

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  10. Space

    NASA’s Robot Butler “Robonaut 2″ Shows Off Prehensile Legs, Is As Terrifying As We Predicted

    A few months ago, we told you that NASA's robot butler, the Robonaut 2, was being fitted with Doctor Octopus legs which will probably cause your untimely demise. To prove that all our night terrors about Doc Octonaut have been accurate, put together this compilation of Robonaut's leg actions set to Strauss's "Blue Danube."

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  11. Science

    Sperm Are Perfect and One Day They May Save Your Life, Say Creators of Spermbots

    Though we may sometimes curse the speed of sperm (sorry Mom, Dad), tiny bio-bots that mimic the flagellar movement of natures' lil' swimmers and are powered by the contractions of heart cells may be the next step in fighting cancer and other common illnesses. In other words, when our heart and sperm work together as one, we ill be unstoppable.

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  12. Science

    South Korea Is Building a 600 Million Dollar “Robot Land”

    After years in development, South Korea's robot theme park Robot Land finally broke ground last month. And you thought the Wizarding World of Harry Potter was cool.

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  13. Weird

    Bubble Genius Sent Us Some Soap And It Smells Mathmatically Delicious

    If you're a regular listener to the Geekosystem podcast, you might remember that this week we received a package in the mail from Bubble Genius, a LA-based Vegan soap company that makes geeky products. We think they look and smell pretty awesome, so we wanted to show you what they sent us, because we like soap. And also showing off. It's sort of a perk.

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  14. Entertainment

    Robert Chew’s Wildlife Fundraiser Has Elephants, Robots, And Something In Between

    Artist Robert Chew imagines a future in which animals of the African plains are combined with robots to make insanely cool poaching prevention machines. The bad news is that in the future some human beings are still dicks, the good news is that there are will be any exotic animals left to poach at all.

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  15. Entertainment

    It’s Time for the Geekosystem Podcast! Check Out Episode 15 “Rise of the Lizard People”

    We're joined by our newest writer, Carolyn Cox, for this episode of the podcast. We talk about the Bechdel Test, sharing, our love/fear relationship with space robots, and Dan admits to being a lizard person bent on global domination. Oh, and we give you our Editors' Picks for the week.

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