Rubber Ducky

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    The Giant Rubber Duck’s Finally Made It To America, Presumably To Ravage Our Coastal Cities

    You guys have all heard of the Rubber Duck project by now, right? It's this series of 40 foot tall floating sculptures that have been cropped up on the shores of Amsterdam, Osaka, Sydney, Sao Paulo, and Hong Kong since 2007 or so. Now it's making it's way up the Allegheny river in Pittsburgh. No one is safe from the horror.

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  2. Weird

    Is the Penguin Invading London Now? Giant Rubber Ducky Sails the Thames

    For reasons we still don't quite understand, Tim Burton decided to have the Penguin cruise around Gotham City in a giant rubber ducky in Batman Returns. That made about as much sense as what happened yesterday. To promote their new "FUNdation," sailed a 50-foot-tall rubber ducky down the Thames in London, England. Is a thing in America? We wouldn't hate seeing a giant rubber ducky cruising down the Hudson when we leave work today.

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