1. Gaming

    Rumors of New “Nintendo Fusion” Consoles Have Sprung up Amid Dismal Wii U Sales News

    Sure, gamers all over the Internet predicted the Wii U's failure, but you can find gamers all over the Internet predicting the failure of pretty much every game system. That doesn't help the system's poor sales, though, and a rumor about a new Nintendo console suggests that Nintendo may have a plan—if it's more than just a rumor, that is.

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  2. Tech

    Rumor: Apple Could Have a Cheaper iPhone in the Works

    The Apple iPhones, since its launch, have been at the high end of the smartphone price range. Anyone hoping for a break in price has been relegated to buying previous versions, but there's a rumor going around that says that won't be the case for much longer. Apple may be releasing a cheaper version of the iPhone concurrently with the flagship model, similar to how they recently launched the iPad mini as a more affordable alternative to the full-sized version. This is just a rumor, and considering it's CES week, we'll probably be seeing a lot more of those.

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  3. Gaming

    Rumor: Nintendo Might Release a Wii Mini on December 7th

    With the Wii U being a little more than a week old, it might seem a little early to be seeing rumors about a redesigned Wii, but that's not stopping the rumors from coming in. There are reports of an internal release schedule of an undisclosed "major retail source" that says a Wii Mini console is coming December 7th. With the release of their new system, why would Nintendo look back on the original Wii for a redesign?

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  4. Gaming

    Report: Nintendo Power Will Cease Publication

    In case you hadn't noticed, the magazine industry isn't doing so hot. That's especially true for gaming magazines. Sure, Game Informer managed to move into the third most popular magazine in the United States, but there isn't another single one in the top 25. As times get tough, magazines that just can't cut it anymore close shop. That is allegedly what is happening to Nintendo Power, as Ars Technica is reporting that it will cease publication.

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  5. Gaming

    Dragon Age 3 and Half-Life 3 Appear in Gamescom Product Listing

    Gamescom, held in Cologne, Germany, is one of the biggest gaming trade fairs in the world. The convention is no stranger to its share of announcements, either. After all, Germany is a decently large market. In a product listing released for the show, both Dragon Age 3 and Half-Life 3 are mentioned. Could it be? Dragon Age 3 is almost certainly coming at some point, so its inclusion can be rationalized, but adding Half-Life 3 either makes the list totally bogus or shockingly real.

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  6. Tech

    Rumor: Apple Potentially Considering Twitter Investment

    If there's something that Apple has consistently had trouble in achieving, it's social integration. Their iTunes-based Ping platform turned out to be a mess has seen little to no adoption during its existence. So rumors circulating that Apple may have been in talks with Twitter about making an investment seem like they could prove accurate. The more sway Apple has at Twitter, the better for the former.

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  7. Gaming

    Rumor: Final Fantasy VII Returning to PC Soon

    A Google cache of what appears to be a development site for Final Fantasy VII PC has the collective nostalgia of the internet in a frenzy. This wouldn't be the first time that Google accidentally revealed an upcoming announcement before the developer was ready for it to be out in the wild. If the cache is to be believed, the newly updated PC version from Square Enix would cost around $12.50 and include a variety of enhancements. Check the jump for details.

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  8. Tech

    Microsoft Registers Number of Smart Glass Domains

    Hot on the heels of the various Microsoft Smart Glass rumors floating around, it appears that Microsoft has gone and registered a number of domains associated with said Smart Glass. There are two distinct possibilities based on this discovery: Either Microsoft definitely has something waiting to be revealed in association or they want to avoid having squatters take up the domains. Regardless, the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo should be interesting.

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  9. Tech

    Verizon Plans to Raise FiOS Prices And, Maybe, Speeds

    It's all but confirmed that Verizon is looking to raise their FiOS internet service plan rates. Due to their prevalence in markets where it's available -- and the fact that it's simply one of the fastest services out there -- it shouldn't come as any surprise that they're looking to improve on their revenue by charging more for what they consider to be a superior product. What isn't quite as solid is whether Verizon will soon be improving their FiOS service plans as well.

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  10. Tech

    RUMOR: Steve Jobs Scrapped iPhone 5 Mere Months Before Release

    The biggest surprise during Apple's 4S announcement wasn't what was onstage, but what wasn't. For weeks before hand, a steady stream of leaks and near-constant press coverage all foretold the release of totally redesigned iPhone 5. When one didn't materialize, some were left puzzled, others disappointed. But now, Business Insider claims that not only was there an iPhone 5, but that it was scrapped in favor of the 4S just months before the scheduled announcement. According to their source, which Business Insider says has provided reliable information in the past, the phone was dramatically different than the one that launched.

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  11. Weird

    Rumor: George Lucas Is Buying the Rights to Dead Movie Stars to Make New Movies With Them [Update: No]

    This news is dubious at best, but like the best kind of rumor, it seems hauntingly plausible. Update: But it isn't true! "The “I cast dead people” scenario that’s making the rounds on the web is not true, according to Lucasfilm spokesman Josh Kushins. “This rumor is completely false,” he told in an e-mail Monday." Mel Smith, a British comedian who worked with George Lucas on the little known 1994 film Radioland Murders, which Lucas wrote and executive produced for, had this to say about his experience:
    George doesn’t understand comedy, so the movie flopped. At least it taught me how to use CGI. George is obsessed with it and used too much in the last two Star Wars films — which I thought were ghastly. He’s been buying up the film rights to dead movie stars in the hope of using computer trickery to put them all together in a movie, so you’d have Orson Welles and Barbara Stanwyck appear alongside today’s stars.

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  12. Entertainment

    The Riddler in Batman 3: Everybody Calm the Heck Down

    The Internet is fair bursting at the seams today with unsubstantiated rumors regarding plot details of the next Christopher Nolan Batman movie. Specifically, that the Riddler is the villain. Yes, that was the opening paragraph of an article I wrote in February.  Go ahead and look.  I'll wait. Today, the Internet is fair exploding with news that a Warner Bros. studio casting grid, a document kept updated with all the jobs and prospective jobs available and taken in the industry for scheduling purposes, shows the Riddler as a character who needs casting for Batman 3, and shows Joseph Gordon-Levitt as "interested" in the role. Let's talk about what this means, and what it doesn't mean, because one thing that it does not mean is that the Riddler will be the main villain in Batman 3.

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  13. Tech

    [UPDATE] WikiLeaks: Website Will NOT Be Abandoned, Calls Supposed Insider A “Troll”

    UPDATE 2:34PM EST: WikiLeaks representative Daniel Schmitt told Geekosystem that he "couldnt [sic] even imagine a reason" why founder Julian Assange would be exiting from the website. In his e-mail response, he warned against having "fed the troll calling himself an insider," writing:
    The .is domain registration was supposed to happen much earlier, and I am more or less astonished it has only now happened. We control around 500+ domain names, and try to get wikileaks in as many TLDs as possible. This is a normal action to occur, has nothing to do with us moving to Iceland or anywhere else. WikiLeaks is as it is, and will stay the same, apart from a few changes and new features we have already publicly announced. Re the legal team I am not aware of this issue. As much as I can tell, though based in Europe and not a lawyer, our legal team is working on this and has so far not been able to get in touch with Manning.
    According to Schmitt, a press release will be pending, a point reiterated on the WikiLeaks Twitter account: "WikiLeaks will NOT be abandoned. Don't listen to disinfo being spread! We'll issue clarifications soon. Should've done earlier." Read the original story after the break, in which an "insider" alleged that would be abandoned.

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  14. Entertainment

    Rumor: Lucas Engineers Remix Star Wars Sound Again, But Why?

    Apparently, remastering Star Wars went so well the first two times, they decided to do it again! Well, the sound at least. Sound engineers Matt Wood and David Acord spoke in a podcast about how they've re-remixed the Star Wars soundtrack, focusing for the most part on the detail of Obi-Wan's epic bellow. But in addition to providing some great banter, the engineers revealed some pretty enticing snippets near the end of that episode of ForceCast:
    And, to be honest, that sound effect has been changed again. So at some point the audiences will be hearing that scene again with the new sound effect.
    WHAAAAT? What new presentation of the Star Wars films could this be for? Well, there are two main possibilities.

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  15. Gaming

    Rumor: Remastered, HD Shadow of the Colossus and Ico in Early 2011

    File this under things that we really really really hope are true. A couple of different (Warning: The second link is NSFW and NWYT [not worth your time]) places around the internet are saying that gamemaker Team Ico, the makers of Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, and the upcoming The Last Guardian, are planning to re-release their much beloved first two games.

    Ico is nearly ten years old, and Colossus half that age. Both were released with the best graphics that the Playstation 2 could offer, and a visual update, even if it's just an increase in resolution, would be a welcome addition to the already legendary game mechanics and stories.

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