1. Weird

    Russia Now Has Firefighters Flying Around on Firehose-Powered Hovercraft

    Russian firefighters made a hovercraft like those jet ski-powered jetpacks. I don't know what's happening in Russia that they needed to invent flying firefighters, but they can now levitate with the power of water to save you wherever you are. (Provided "wherever you are" is a few feet off the ground and relatively nearby.)

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  2. Weird

    Russia Has Taken Control of Ukraine’s Elite Dolphin Soldiers, Also Ukraine Used to Have Elite Dolphin Soldiers

    The situation in Russia, Ukraine, and Crimea is complicated, and honestly not the kind of thing that usually falls into our purview, but we just learned that Ukraine had a team of dolphin soldiers that Crimea took with them. The Russian navy now has a team of dolphin soldiers.

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  3. Space

    This Video of a Russian Experiment Looks Like Real-Life Gravity

    In the wake of Gravity's Awards Season success, Sploid has this eerie video to remind us that Astronaut Ryan Stone's horrifying space odyssey essentially happened "for real" back in 2006. Yes, the Russian experiment was all in the name of education, but that doesn't make the footage any less bone-chilling.

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  4. Weird

    Somebody Thinks Steven Seagal is a Media Expert, Interviewed Him on TV About Russian Foreign Relations

    Imagine: you're sitting at home watching news about the Russian Occupation of Crimea, and you're confused. These nations are so far away! Who can you trust to report the conflict fairly? How about an action star who believes himself to be a reincarnated Tibetan lama? Yeah, he seems trustworthy, right?

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  5. Weird

    The Winter Olympics Will Have a Giant Kryptonian Face Projector, the World Engine Is Working

    It seems that Zod's plan to turn Earth into Krypton in Man of Steel wasn't entirely unsuccessful, as this year's Winter Olympics in Sochi will have a building-size version of the pin art face displays used by the Kryptonians. They're calling it MegaFace. Yeah, they pretty much named it after Megatron. Get your references straight, Russia.

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  6. Weird

    Artist Who Painted Vladimir Putin In Women’s Underwear Has To Flee Russia

    Artist Konstantin Altunin is seeking asylum in France today, after being forced to flee his native Russia following the removal of several of his paintings from a gallery by Russian police officers. Among those removed was a painting of Russian President Vladmir Putin in a negligee, doing the hair of former Prseident Dmitri Medvedyev.

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  7. Entertainment

    10 Books You Should Read If You’re Interested in The Age of Ice

    As those insurance commercials keep telling me, more is better. So if you're excited for The Age of Ice, why not be excited for ten other new books, too? Other than The Brothers Karamazov and Doctor Zhivago, of course. With that in mind, we've compiled a list of books those intrigued by Sidorova's work will likely enjoy.

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  8. Entertainment

    This Russian DIY Carnival Ride Looks As Fun As It Is Dangerous [Video]

    Fact: The degree to which a carnival ride seems to imperil your life is directly correlated to how much fun it is. Need proof? Here are three Russian knuckleheads demonstrating the ultimate DIY thrill ride by riding in the bucket of a construction digger that spins them around and periodically dunks them into a pond. What could go wrong?

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  9. Weird

    Meanwhile in Russia: Putin-Backed Mayoral Candidate Puts Pictures of Emilia Clarke On Anti-Rape Posters

    We know very little about Russian politics, but the phrase "Russian politics" alone make us feel like there's probably something sketchy going on. Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke probably thinks so, too, because her photo and likeness were used without permission for a anti-rape campaign poster there. Whoops?

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  10. Weird

    #@*& You! Russia Attempting to Block Foul Language From the Internet

    In a move to protect children, Russia wants to ban cursing from the interwebs. This is only the latest in a series of similarly silly proposals. It joins the ranks of suggestions such as requiring dating sites to use passport verification. Oh, Russia. This is not how you protect children, and it's certainly not how you internet.

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  11. Space

    Winter Olympics to Hand Out Meteorite Fragments in Some Medals, Regular Gold Medals Suddenly Kind of Lame

    Being a gold-medal winning olympian isn't cool enough for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Next year, seven insanely lucky (and talented) athletes will win medals embedded with fragments of the meteorite that tore through Chelyabinsk, Russia last February.

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  12. Entertainment

    Review: The Age of Ice is Part Tolstoy, Part Postmodern Magic

    J.M. Sidorova's first novel, The Age of Ice, is not what I anticipate from epic fantasy, nor is it for everyone. In fact it seems to be the latest classical Russian novel: A story of Russian history told through the eyes of a strange hero, his unique conception and corresponding condition the main mark of "fantasy" found within. While it spans wars and ages and loves, The Age of Ice is not an adventure story.

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  13. Space

    Failure to Launch: Russian Rocket Crashes Moments After Liftoff

    A space-bound rocket carrying three navigational satellites crashed back to the ground only seconds after its launch from Russia's space launch facility near Baikonur, Kazakhstan on Tuesday. No casualties or immediate dangers have been reported in the destruction of the unmanned Proton rocket, but the accident, one more in a series of mishaps, could spell trouble for Russia's space program and damage relations between Russia and Kazakhstan, where Russia leases the site of its rocket launches.

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  14. Tech

    Edward Snowden Welcome To Hang Out In Russia If He Knocks Off All The Intelligence Leaking Business

    After nearly a month on the run and spending the past week living in Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport -- we think -- the final fate of NSA leaker Edward Snowden is still up in the air. This morning saw a new wrinkle added to Snowden's life on the run, though, as Russian president Vladimir Putin announced today that Snowden would be welcome to stay in Russia without living in fear of extradition, provided he stops leaking sensitive information about U.S. intelligence programs like PRISM, or his latest hit, documents indicating that the United States bugged the stateside offices of EU allies.

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  15. Weird

    Not-So-Fantastic Mr. Fox Needs a Hand Getting His Head Out of This Mason Jar [Video]

    Ready for the cutest Good Deed For The Day you'll see all week? This fox in Russia presumably found something tasty at the bottom of a mason jar and went in for a closer look...only to have that brilliant plan backfire on it in pretty grand fashion. With its head firmly tucked within the jar, the fox then took the rather unusual step of seemingly coming to humans for help, and was lucky to find a pair of gentlemen willing to remove the jar from its head...and with a minimum of laughter at the situation, no less.

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