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    Saints Row IV Almost Had a Dragon You Could Ride, Still Has Jane Austen

    Saints Row IV has embraced the crazy, having the series' criminal player character become the President of the United States, battle an alien invasion, and acquire superpowers, and that's not even getting into the dubstep gun. But if you're worried the series is becoming too silly and immature, know that Volition has injected several doses of high culture into the game. "They will get more fucking Jane Austen than any other M-Rated game they could possibly buy," says creative director Steve Jaros.

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    Saints Row IV Protagonist Does His Best Dr. Manhattan Impression in New Trailer [Video]

    The Saints Row franchise is the most ridiculous thing I have ever witnessed as a human being. It's like if Volition took Crank 2, replaced Jason Statham with a customizable player character, and upped the insanity about 60 to 70%. The latest trailer for Saints Row IV is exactly as silly as I've come to expect.

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    THQ Employee Pours a Saints Row 40 Out for His Homies [Video]

    The whole THQ bankruptcy thing has pretty much just been a sad and depressing debacle. It's great and all that a number of franchises and studios will live on, but there are still definitely a number of folks that will no longer have a job. Such is the way of things in the video game industry. Luckily, THQ was known for some particularly strange marketing efforts. One of the outgoing employees, Neal Pabon, just so happened to get his hands on a Saints Row-branded 40. Even better? Someone was there to video him as he poured one out for his homies.

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