1. Weird

    Group Claims They Found Children Employed at Samsung Supplier, Which Samsung Obviously Denies

    Another week, another accusation of illegal child labor in China. This particular claim, from China Labor Watch, is interesting due to the fact that it concerns Samsung. The technology company conducted an investigation of its own back in September, and they recently claimed that they didn't find any instances of child labor. China Labor Watch claims that they found three underage girls working at HTNS Shenzhen Co., a Samsung supplier. Samsung denies these allegations, because of course they do.

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  2. Tech

    Apple Intentionally Tries to Hide Samsung Statement on U.K. Homepage Using JavaScript

    As if things weren't already silly enough in the decision against Apple in the United Kingdom, the technology giant's gone and made things even worse. The company's original statement was deemed noncompliant and inaccurate by the U.K. courts, as it was meant to alleviate the slander caused by Apple against the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The courts insisted that Apple issue a revised statement on their U.K. website within 48 hours, and they've certainly complied. That's not all they've done, though. Apple's also included a bit of JavaScript that intentionally tries to hide it.

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  3. Tech

    Apple Required to Reissue Samsung Statement After Original Deemed Noncompliant by U.K. Court

    As we've previously reported, part of the ruling against Apple in the United Kingdom required the company to issue a statement on their website saying that the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and by extension Samsung, didn't infringe on the iPad's design. When they finally got around to posting the statement, however, it was tucked away in a linked page and included some extra bits that the U.K. court didn't request. Thanks to their attempts to circumvent the ruling, Apple's been ordered that they have to reissue their statement in order to comply with the original ruling.

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  4. Tech

    New Video Outs Another Unannounced Google Device, The Nexus 10 Tablet

    As sad as it is that Google had to cancel their media event for tomorrow on account of Franken-Sandy, it may not be that big a loss, since most of things they planned to unveil seem to have already popped up online. First, the Nexus 4 smartphone was revealed after somebody left one at a bar. Now a video of another of Google's flagship Nexus devices, the rumored Samsung-built Nexus 10 tablet, is giving Android fans an extremely short sneak peek.

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  5. Tech

    Apple Issues Absurdly Snide U.K. Acknowledgement That Samsung Didn’t Infringe on Their Patents

    The sniping between Apple and Samsung over whether the latter's tablet infringes on the former's patents is getting worse. Samsung came off as somewhat bitter after the initial U.S. verdict when they ran ads poking fun at the Apple Genius Bar. Apple has just escalated this feud to an entirely new level, however. See, the U.K. courts didn't agree with Apple, and actually found that the Samsung Galaxy Tab didn't infringe on their patents. Part of the ruling required Apple to issue an acknowledgement on their website, and they have. It's probably not what the courts had in mind, though.

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  6. Tech

    U.S. Patent Office Invalidates Apple Patent Used in Samsung Trial, Puts Jury Ruling at Risk

    These days, patents are used more in legal posturing than just about anything else. It goes to show just how ludicrous the system is, however, that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has filed an invalidation for Apple's U.S. Patent No. 7,469,381. All 20 claims of Apple's rubber-banding patent are now officially on their way to being thrown out. This includes the same claim 19 that was used against Samsung in the company's recent high-profile trial.

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  7. Tech

    Apple Will Actually Have to Run Ads in the U.K. Saying Samsung Didn’t Infringe on Their iPad Patents

    Back in July, a United Kingdom court ruled the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 didn't infringe on the iPad design patents as claimed by Apple. By filing the lawsuit and dragging Samsung's name through the mud, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Samsung in general were associated with patent infringement and illegal activity in the minds of the people. The United Kingdom court asserted that Apple would have to run what's basically a giant retraction by taking out advertisements saying Samsung didn't infringe on their patents in order to rectify the situation. Apple's just lost their appeal, so it looks like they actually will have to run the ads.

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  8. Tech

    Samsung Adds iPhone 5 to Apple Lawsuit, Patent Madness Continues

    Samsung threatened that they would sue Apple over the iPhone 5, and now they've gone ahead and followed through with it. They've filed an amendment to have the iPhone 5 added to their already existing suit against Apple. At this point, it's all just posturing and such, but it's still amusing to see Samsung attempt to go after every little nook and cranny that they can. Any company might do the same if they were hit with a verdict that required them to pay over a billion dollars.

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  9. Tech

    New Samsung Ad Reveals They’re Still Pissed About Owing Apple a Billion Bucks

    Last month a jury ruled that Samsung owes Apple over one billion dollars for infringing on a set of patents with many of their smartphone designs. The trial may be finished, but the struggle between the two companies is far from over: Samsung will undoubtedly appeal the court's decision, Apple will file injunctions against every Samsung phone they can, and the two companies will spend years and millions of dollars doing so. Showing the public that they're in this fight for the long haul (because we really thought they were just going to pay up) Samsung released a new anti-Apple ad comparing the specs of the newly-announced iPhone 5 and Samsung's flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S3.

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  10. Tech

    Some of the Stuff Apple Fanatics Say is Unbelievable… [Video]

    I'm going to say up front: I'm a bit of an Apple fanboy. I've never owned a non-Apple computer or smartphone. While I am a fan of Apple's products, I totally understand people are who get angry about their holier-than-thou fan club. The cult of Jobs is real people having a conversation with one of company's supporter can sometimes feel like a debate with a brick wall... or a Scientologist.

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  11. Tech

    Samsung Flew Bloggers from India to Berlin, Then Threatened to Not Bring Them Back

    Attending conventions as press can be a beleaguering experience. This is especially true if, say, someone has offered you a plane ticket, hotel accommodations, and then threatens to leave you there if you don't comply with their wishes. This is apparently what happened to Clinton Jeff, of Unleash the Phones, and another unnamed blogger after they were brought to this year's IFA conference in Berlin by Samsung.

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  12. Tech

    Apple v. Samsung: Jury Rules Samsung Owes $1.049 Billion

    The jury of the Apple v. Samsung copyright trial has made their decision, and it was a bloodbath. After a surprisingly short deliberation period yesterday, the nine-member jury ruled that Samsung had infringed on every one of Apple's patents on nearly every device in question. Samsung has been ordered to pay Apple a whopping $1.049 billion for basing many of their phones off the iPhone's design as well as copying many of Apple's core features for touch-based designs.

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  13. Tech

    Brutal Samsung Memo Admitted Into Evidence, Basically Acknowledges Superiority of iPhone

    Another day, another damning memo in the Apple-Samsung copyright debacle. How bad is this one? Pretty bad, if you're Samsung. The 13 page memo (6 in translated English and 7 in the original Korean) summarizes statements made at a 2010 meeting by Samsung's mobile communications director JK Shin, who more or less acknowledges that the design and user experience of Samsung's products compared to Apple's are the "difference between Heaven and Earth."

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  14. Tech

    Samsung Breaks Shipping Record, Doubles Apple’s Number

    The absolute fervor for sleek smartphones doesn't appear to be stopping anytime soon. In its second quarter, Samsung managed to ship 50,500,000 units. That takes the record for the greatest number of shipments made by a smartphone company in a single quarter. In contrast, Apple only managed to ship around 26,000,000 in the very same quarter. Looks like somebody's finally catching up.

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  15. Tech

    Apple Claims Samsung Knew Darn Well They Were Copycats

    Apple plans to hit Samsung where it hurts in court next week: Right in the stuff they said. Not only did Samsung expressly state their intention to copy bits from the iPad and iPhone in their products, says Apple, they were also warned against doing so by a number of designers as well as Google. When Google shows up and tells you to consider redesigning your product, you should probably consider redesigning your product.

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