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    Walking Dead Obstacle Course Coming to a City Near You

    If, like, just going for a run or something isn't a sufficiently horrifying way for you to get your exercise, rejoice! The hit of the 2012 San Diego comic con, The Walking Dead Escape, may be coming to a city near you. It's just like the show, but better, because there's no Carl.

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    Steven Moffat Threatens Future Doctor Who SDCC Exclusives If Trailers Are Leaked

    With the 50th anniversary coming up, the Doctor Who panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2013 was pretty intense. There was even a spiffy trailer! Sadly we weren't lucky enough to be there -- and according to showrunner Steven Moffat, we'll never get any future Doctor Who exclusives if somebody puts the trailer online, because they won't exist. Say what now?

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    Adam Savage Outlines the Process of Making His Amazeballs Admiral Ackbar Costume

    The man beneath that Admiral Ackbar costume is none other than Mythbuster and friend of Geekosystem Adam Savage. Having top-notch fabrication skills and access to some of the best special effects minds around is bound to help one's cosplay game, but seriously, this is some next-level stuff. Savage showed off his costume on the floor of San Diego Comic Con and outlined its creation on Tested.

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    Live-Action Batman and Superman Crossover Film is Happening!

    DC announced at their San Diego Comic Con panel that Superman won't be alone in the follow up to Man of Steel. He'll be joined by Batman, and it looks like the film will kick things off for putting a Justice League film together. Zack Snyder is returning to direct with David S. Goyer writing the script. Get pumped, everybody.

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    Great Scott! Back to the Future LEGO Set Finally Happening

    Brick to the Future. LEGO is getting an official Back to the Future set. Repeat: LEGO is getting an official Back to the Future set. This is not a drill, people! The set has been a long time coming, but it's finally a reality. It won't be available for sale until August 1st, but it's on display at San Diego Comic Con right now if you happen to be there and not stuck on the East Coast like some of us. Sigh.

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    Watch the Entirety of the Firefly 10th Anniversary Panel [Video]

    There really are no words to accurately sum up what Firefly has meant and still means to many, many people. But it's been 10 years since the show first dawned and the expanded universe continues still through comic. Out at San Diego Comic-Con, a large group of the folks from the show, like Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillion, had an anniversary panel to celebrate the show and everything it encapsulates. Unfortunately, not everyone can go to conventions and even then not everyone can fit in the hall. But having someone record the entire length of it and then upload it is the next best thing.

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    San Diego Comic-Con To Stay Right Where it Is Through 2015, Thankyouverymuch

    After fears (or hopes) that with the conclusion of their lease in the San Diego Convention Center, the San Diego Comic-Con would move to another city, con organizers have announced that they will be staying in the San Diego Convention Center for three more years. This would keep Comic-Con in San Diego until 2015.

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    Why Comic Con Preview Night 2011 is Already Sold Out

    Like usual, the first 15,000 tickets to San Diego Comic Con 2011 come with a pass to attend Preview Night (a four hour block full of retailers and presenters that takes place on Wednesday night, the day before the con opens). Those 15,000 full weekend tickets go on sale during Comic Con, and last year they sold out in October. This year, they were gone by the end of the weekend. Wondering why? We decided to take a look at some movie schedules.

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    The Comic-Con Exclusive Thor Poster

    We're not going to Comic-Con, and it stands to reason (probabilitywise) that you aren't either. Well, here's one of many things you're missing out on: one of two Con exclusive posters of concept art for the upcoming Thor (above) and Captain America (below) movies.

    Okay, so it's just two pictures, and they're not even big enough to be desktop images. But there's more!

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    Suicide Girls Banned from Comic Con, But Booth Babes Are Totally Fine

    The LA Times is reporting that members of the internet community Suicide Girls will be banned from having a booth at this year's San Diego Comic Con for the first time in four years, and, though the information is murky on both sides, we're inclined to agree with their assessment. Comic-Con International claims that it saw evidence that adult DVDs were being sold to underage con-goers, while Suicide Girls maintains that they educate all of their con workers about proper procedure, and "instruct all girls who are present at conventions to check IDs for anyone who looks under 30. We have a large sign up at our booths that says 'You must be 18+ with ID to purchase.'"

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