1. Science

    Scientists Announce That Artificial Mass Produced Blood Could Soon Be A Reality

    Scientists in Britain and Transylvania (seriously) have been hard at work creating mass-produced blood that can power a clumsy human body, but doesn't need to come from one. British scientist Marc Turner told the media on Monday that industrial mass production of artificial human blood could be a reality in the very near future.

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  2. Science

    Babies Keep Parents Sleep Deprived on Purpose So They Don’t Make Any More Babies

    Any new parent can tell you that sleeping through the night is a rare experience after babby is formed. According to Harvard biology professor David Haig, that may be on purpose. He says that babies intentionally wake parents up for overnight feedings to keep them from... making more babies.

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  3. Science

    L.A. Science Teacher Suspended for Teaching Science

    Science can be dangerous, and apparently so can teaching it. A Los Angeles high school science teacher was suspended back in February, because two students made science projects that administrators of the Unified Los Angeles Schooled District deemed "dangerous." You're doing education wrong, administrators.

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  4. Science

    Party Poopers Say Saturated Fat Is Still Unhealthy, We Need to Stop Eating “Like Grandmas”

    Recently we wrote about a new analysis that exonerated delicious foods everywhere by discovering no link between saturated fat and heart health. But those findings are being scrutinized by nutritionists and researchers who say the study is "shoddy" and "dangerous"--so you might want to hold off on that bacon doughnut brunch.

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  5. Science

    Science: “Goo” In Bones Prevents Them From Shattering

    Many of us have broken a bone in our lifetime, but few people are unfortunate enough to shatter one--and new researchers say that's all thanks to goo. Goo in your bones. Bone goo, that is.

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  6. Science

    Canada Has Developed A Beer Sports Drink

    If beer as a sports drink seems too good to be true, then get out of here, you naysayer, we don't need your kind. Canadian company Vampt will be marketing "Recovery Ale" Lean Machine later this year, and according to science, that's not as bad an idea as it sounds.

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  7. Science

    Science Finally Tackles the Tough Question, “Does Your Dog Love You?”

    Thursday February 20th is world "Love Your Pet Day." That's all well and good, but do our pets--specifically dogs--love us back? That's what researchers at the University of Adelaide wanted to find out, and they're getting answers by studying puppies. Sometimes science is adorable.

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  8. Science

    Let’s Talk about the Science of Kissing with It’s Okay To Be Smart [Video]

    Kissing is fun, but it's also incredibly weird. Like, who was the first person to think, "Hey that person is cute, I would like to exchange saliva with them and possibly accidentally knock them in the teeth?" Luckily, the reassuringly titled PBS web series It's Okay To Be Smart is here to tell us just why kissing feels so good in the first place.

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  9. Entertainment

    Dear LEGO, Please Make Awesome Science Lady LEGO Sets, Because This 7-Year-Old Wants You To

    The LEGO team responsible for making sets based on fan ideas recently put out their list of finalists for production, and on that list was this awesome science-themed lady minifig set by Alatariel. So how can we ensure that this set is actually made? By getting our cutest representatives to send letters to LEGO about gender equality, of course.

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  10. Science

    Video of Flying Tigerfish Proves They Are as Scary as They Sound

    Because a meter-long African fish with sixteen razor-sharp teeth wasn't already horrifying, video footage has been taken for the first time proving that the freshwater tigerfish find their hapless prey in the sky as well as underwater. Monsters of the world, shots have been fired.

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  11. Science

    God Left Hanging In Unreturned Celestial High Five

    New technology is allowing NASA to take a second look at the remnants of an exploded star, revealing a mysterious hand in the debris.

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  12. Science

    Prehistoric Flowers Trapped in Amber Hold Each Other in Eternal Loving Embrace, at Least That’s the PG Version

    A recent find in a Myanmar mine is giving scientists (and hopefully not amusement park tycoons with a God-complex) unprecedented insight into the Cretaceous Period. It's also giving them insight about the sex lives of long extinct species of flowers. You know, normal, every day science stuff.

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  13. Science

    There’s a New Type of Boredom to Keep You Occupied

    Presumably bored scientists categorized boredom into four separate categories, because people are bored enough to need four varieties of boredom to keep things interesting. Isn't life great? However, they also recently discovered that there is a fifth type of boredom, so that should entertain you for a bit.

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  14. Science

    Six Great Science Selfies to Celebrate That Science and Selfie Are Words of the Year

    We're behind NASA's logic on most things (especially on how great space is), but we're extra into their logic that both "selfie" and "science" being named words of the year means that science selfies are pretty much the ultimate accomplishment. That's why we've compiled the best science selfies we could find.

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  15. Science

    Cara Santa Maria Beautifully Explains What Science Means to Her

    Merriam-Webster declared "science" the 2013 Word of the Year, and we think that's great. Cara Santa Maria, however, thinks it's a little depressing. "Science" topped the list because more people were looking it up, meaning people just don't know what science means. Santa Maria explains what it means to her in this clip.

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