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    [Updated] In Face of Two Scandals, It’s a Bad Week to Be Scientific American

    Scientific American isn't having a great week, and from the look of things they have no one to blame but themselves. There are sexual harassment claims against editor Bora Zivkovic, and a separate incident with SciAm blogger Dr. Danielle Lee being silenced after calling out a partner publication's editor for calling her a whore. Get it together.

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    Hey, Teenagers: Do Science, Win Prizes! Google Science Fair Now Taking Subsmissions

    If you're a student between the ages of 13 and 18 with an interest in science, then grab your lab coat and get to work. Google is taking submissions for their third annual Google Science Fair as of today. They've partnered up with CERN, LEGO, National Geographic, and Scientific American to offer some truly amazing prizes that include scholarships, an expedition to the Galapagos, and a week shadowing a particle physicist at Fermilab.

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    iAMScientist Looks to Crowdfunding to Support Scientific Research. Here’s Why You Should Care

    Ask any scientist in the university system what they spend most of their time doing, and the answer may surprise and disappoint you. Generally speaking, it's not science. I's not even grading papers or overseeing students to nurture a new generation of researchers and innovators. Filling out grant paperwork is the single activity that dominates the days of all too many researchers and academics. Massachusetts based startup iAMScientist wants to change that by acting as a Kickstarter for scientific pursuits and research projects.

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    Obama to Announce Changes for NASA on Monday: Scrap Constellation, Help ISS?

    This Monday, February 1st, President Obama will announce his budget requests for 2010. While of course nothing has been confirmed, there has been enough communication with unnamed "White House insiders, agency officials, industry executives and congressional sources," that both Scientific American and The Orlando Sentinel have articles up regarding the changes. The information as we know it boils down to a few things:

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