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    Sega Is Producing a Magical Girl Anime Starring Personifications of Their Game Consoles

    Sega's awkward phase just keeps getting stranger. After they ditched manufacturing consoles and transitioned to games only, they've mostly banked on their backlog and Sonic to draw people in, but I wouldn't say it's been a wild success. Now, they're producing an anime based on anthropomorphized versions of their consoles.

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    The New Sonic Game Looks Goofy as Sh**… and Then the Dubstep Happens

    Let the trailer for the new Sonic the Hedgehog reboot, Sonic Boom, leave you feeling like a confused old person. The new character designs are really weird looking in 3D, and Knuckles looks like some kind of `roided out fan art. Then the dubstep kicks in. You can almost hear Sega begging the younger generation to get on board.

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    Face Your Nightmares in Sonic Lost World‘s Special Edition

    Remember NiGHTS Into Dreams on Sega Saturn? The surreal flight game has a cult following to this day, but hasn't seen much action as a series. But SEGA is about to whet the appetites of NiGHTS fans with the limited release Deadly Six Edition of Sonic Lost World. It's the special edition of your dreams.

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    Sonic Lost World’s Dialogue is Pretty Dark, Apparently

    Ever since Sonic Colors ended the so-called Dark Age of Sonic, the series has returned to a decidedly cartoonish, light-hearted tone. Sonic Lost World, the upcoming Wii U game, looked to continue that trend, but due to certain bits of dialogue it's been given an E10+ rating by the ESRB as opposed to the usual E. I suspect it was written by Shadow the Hedgehog now that he's out of the spotlight.

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    Sonic Lost World Trailer’s Basically Super Mario Galaxy, But Sonic [Video]

    The Internet may have collectively chuckled a bit when Nintendo said they were going to bring a new Sonic the Hedgehog game to market, but it turns out Nintendo may have been on to something. The trailer for Sonic Lost World has dropped, and it frankly looks better than any of the franchise's recent installments. That's saying a lot considering it's in 3D.

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    Judge Suggests Lawsuit Against Sega Over Aliens: Colonial Marines Move to “Alternate Dispute Resolution”

    We've all probably seen some pretty sweet game trailers and thought, "no way is the actual game going to look that good." There's a lawsuit claiming that in the case of Sega and Gearbox's Aliens: Colonial Marines the actual game is so much worse than the demos that it constitutes false advertising. A judge in the case just sent both sides to "Alternate Dispute Resolution" to work it out.

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    Gotta Go Fast: New Sonic the Hedgehog Game Rumored to Be Unveiled in February

    It's becoming more and more readily apparent that a year can't go by without Sega releasing a new game in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, with 2013 possibly maintaining this perennial trend. Rumors have been circulating that the game developer and publisher is planning to unveil Sonic's latest adventure in mid-February with a potential release date set either for the fall or winter of this year. Presently, there are no specifics regarding the game's overall story, but a number of dubious details have been reported.

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    In Response to SOPA Query, Sega Recommends a Hard Reset

    What with the ESA throwing their considerable weight behind SOPA, it's become an important part of SOPA activism to harass and get statements from members of the ESA as to their own positions on SOPA. Some spoke out against the ESA's stance. Some didn't. Some responded with a non sequitur. When pressed for a statement on their SOPA stance by DanGlozier66 at HotBloodedGaming, Sega of America responded with some sage advice: Have you tried performing a hard reset?

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    Finally: Japan Produces a Urinal-Based Game

    Because modern humans must be entertained every moment of their waking lives, SEGA has developed a game system for urinals. A member of SEGA's R&D staff mentions in the video above that this game is especially interesting since instead of interacting with fingers or hands, players will use their urine. The game system contains microwave detectors, with which it measures the speed of the urine and thus the volume. In SEGA's explanation, it seems that the player who produces the most urine win the game. Other, more competitive games are being developed in which players will square off against previous urinal players. The game is expected to go on sale soon, but so far only appears to be in a male configuration. Sorry, ladies. You'll have to wait before taking full advantage of toilet-gaming technology. (via Topless Robot)

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    Happy 15th Anniversary, PlayStation: This is Your life

    While celebrating the original PlayStation's 15th anniversary of its North American launch and thanking Sony for the years of fond gaming memories, it helps to know from exactly where the console that brought gaming to the forefront came.

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    The Sonic the Hedgehog Title Screen, Lovingly, Inspiringly Cross-Stitched

    According to Redditor Maggoty, this fantastic 58cm x 40 cm cross-stitch of the original Sonic the Hedgehog title screen took his wife 300 to 400 hours on and off over the course of two to three years. Judging by the looks of it, it was worth every minute.

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    Finally! Dreamcast Lives On in PS3 and Xbox 360

    It's still thinking, and we're very excited. Sega of America and Sega of Europe have happily made a joint announcement stating that the Dreamcast, that oh-so-beloved console released on 9/9/99 (and died a year and a half later), will see new life on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.

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    15 Retro Video Game Company Logos and their Modern-Day Counterparts

    Last week, gaming developer Rare changed that golden logo we remember so well from Donkey Kong Country and Goldeneye to a new, more 'modern' logo in commemoration of its 25th anniversary and its newfound focus on Project Natal. It's always a bit of a shock when a brand we know well radically changes its look, like a friend getting a new haircut that we don't know what to think about, but Rare's redesign reminds us that a lot of the gaming logos that greet us on the sides of boxes and on startup screens haven't been around forever.

    Below, Geekosystem has put 15 video game companies' old-school logos side-by-side with their modern counterparts. Which do you like better?

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    Make ROM Backups of Your Classic Games — Legally — With Retrode

    It used to be that if you wanted to make ROM file backups of your dusty old cartridge games, you had to have a pretty solid technical background and access to hard-to-find development software. Of course, you could just download ROMs from torrent sites, but the legality of doing so is murky even if you own the games in question -- and besides, then you can't carry over your saved games, which in addition to having sentimental value, could represent hours upon hours of work.

    Enter Retrode, a gadget that lets you legally make ROMs from your Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis games and shoot them over to your computer via USB.

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