1. Gaming

    “Jerry’s Place VR” Lets You Explore Seinfeld’s Apartment With an Oculus Rift Headset

    Do you wish that you and your friends were so compelling and interesting that you could talk about nothing on broadcast television for nine years and get Emmy's for it? Do you also wish you lived in an apartment that transcends the rules of modern urban planning? Have we got the virtual reality program for you!

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  2. Entertainment

    We’re Uncomfortable With How Well This Mashup of The Ring and Seinfeld Works [Video]

    The people who brought you Game of Thrones Meets Seinfeld and Breaking Bad meets Seinfeld are at it again, this time with a few choice scenes from The Ring set to the now infamous bassline and laugh track. Was The Ring actually this funny? All we remember is the creepy black haired chick.

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  3. Entertainment

    Breaking Bad Set to Seinfeld Music and Laugh Track

    Matin Comedy, aka the people who put laugh tracks behind your favorite dramatic television programs, are at it again -- now Breaking Bad's been given the Seinfeld treatment. It is equal parts hilarious and uncomfortable, right down to the now-infamous pizza toss that is really a classic George Costanza move when you think about it.

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  4. Entertainment

    Game of Thrones Set to Seinfeld Music and Laugh Track [Video]

    Game of Thrones is a truly epic series with engaging characters, compelling story lines, and so much nudity. It's nearly the perfect television show, but there's something missing. That something is a laugh track and the slap and pop bass grooves of the Seinfeld theme song. Thankfully, someone has finally put them all together.

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  5. Entertainment

    Jerry Seinfeld Reunites with Soup Nazi in Another Super Bowl Ad Attempting to Tickle Our Nostalgia Bone

    First it was Matthew Broderick reprising the role of Ferris Bueller to promote Honda, now another Super Bowl car commercial features Jerry Seinfeld reuniting with the Soup Nazi in order to promote the new Acura NSX. The video, seen after the break, features Seinfeld following around some guy in order to pry the first Acura NSX off his hands, offering him a wide variety of add services and products in the Acura's place. One of those products is the Soup Nazi, who sternly spouts, "Soup for you," a variant on, well, you know. How do you feel about this year's Super Bowl resurrecting some of your old favorite characters in order to promote cars?

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  6. Entertainment

    Time to Air Your Grievances, Festivus is Upon Us [Infographic]

    For those that are sick of holiday cheer, or feel they can't happily celebrate anything while suffering people are still in the world (or something), never fear, for Festivus is almost here. Created by writer Dan O'Keefe as a holiday people can celebrate without participating in the "pressures" of commercialization, his son Daniel, a screenwriter for Seinfeld, introduced the holiday to the world through George Costanza's father's holiday beliefs. The secular holiday is celebrated on December 23, and consists of time-honored traditions, such as the Airing of Grievances and the Feats of Strength, because who doesn't want to argue with and physically fight their loved ones to celebrate the holiday season? Detailed information presented in a visual medium after the break. If only that kind of thing had a singular word to describe it.

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  7. Entertainment

    Len Lesser, “Uncle Leo” from Seinfeld, Dies at 88

    Len Lesser, the actor who played Uncle Leo on Seinfeld, died yesterday in Burbank, California from cancer-related pneumonia. Lesser's daughter Michelle:

    "Heaven got a great comedian and actor today.

    The outpouring of sympathy we've already received has been amazing and is so greatly appreciated. Thank you to all the people who helped make my father's last journey special and surrounded with love."

    Though he'll most likely be remembered for his gig on Seinfeld, Lesser's IMDB page displays a long, impressive career, including spots on Get Smart, The Munsters, Bonanza, All in the Family, and even shows as recent as 'Til Death and Castle.

    Hopefully Len Lesser is finding wallets and watches in that great big trashcan in the sky.

    (via CBS News)

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  8. Entertainment

    Seinfeld Re-Cut Makes Jerry Look Like a Supervillain

    YouTube user TRMUS1C makes these fun videos of Seinfeld where bits of the show (mostly) taken out of context are cut together, some dramatic music is added, and a new story is hatched without having many ties to the actual episodes that contain the scenes. Above is a cut wherein Jerry the Great attempts to take over the world with his evil cohort George, until Jerry sells his partner out, which is something that would totally happen to George.

    Other Seinfeld cuts can be seen on TRMUS1C's YouTube channel, which include an inspirational take on George's life, something which the character probably could've used.

    (reddit via The High Definite)

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  9. Entertainment

    17 Fun Facts About Seinfeld

    Whether you like it or not, NBC's Seinfeld is still heralded by many as one of television's best shows to date. There's the occasional fun fact about the show that most people know, such as how there's a Superman reference in every episode, but there are various other fun facts of which someone people may be unaware, which is what the detailed infographic after the jump is for.

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  10. Entertainment

    The Cast of Seinfeld as DC Superheroes

    Inspired casting by Dave Wachter. I do love the fact that George/Batman is holding a golf ball. See also: Julie Bell's Seinfeld/Star Wars mashup. (Dave Wachter via Super Punch)

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