1. Space

    This Is the Coolest Self Portrait of Curiosity You Will See Maybe Ever

    If the Curiosity rover had an OKCupid profile picture, this awesome self portrait would totally be it. Thanks to its reflective surfaces and rotating turret arm, the Curiosity rover can photograph itself as it travels across Mars, which would seem kind of self-absorbed if it weren't so utterly fantastic. This picture, which is a mosaic of 55 images stitched together brilliantly by NASA technicians, was taken just yesterday. Hit the jump for the full image.

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  2. Gaming

    Self-Portrait of a Gamer

    Mike Mitchell's self-portrait, titled "1985," speaks to a youth well-spent.
    This is a quasi self portrait of my formative years.
    Right now, the Geekosystem collective self-portrait would be a MacBook screen running Minecraft, though we lack Sir Mike's artistic talent to pull it off. The "SSSSSSSS" is for "self-representation." (via TDW | Artist's site)

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