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    Watch Live as SETI Institute Announces Official Names of Pluto’s Smallest Known Moons

    Today at 12:00 PM EDT you can jump on a Google Hangout with SETI to hear the official naming of Pluto's two smallest known moons. SETI held a vote a few months ago, and the winning names were "Vulcan" and "Cerberus." Cerberus is already the name of an asteroid, so to avoid any confusion they're expected to use the alternate Greek spelling "Kerberos." We've got the live video right here.

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    PayPal, SETI, and Buzz Aldrin Team Up to Launch Interplanetary Payment Service

    Ever tried to buy something, only to realize your wallet is sitting on your kitchen counter a billion miles away on another planet? No need to worry. PayPal has decided now is the perfect time to address that very serious problem. The online payment service is joining forces with the SETI Institute, a leader in the search for alien life in the universe, to create PayPal Galactic, a money transfer system that boldly goes where no money transfer system has gone before.

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    SETI is Back Online With a Little Help From its Friends

    Back in April, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Institute was forced to switch off the 42 radio telescopes it uses to listen for transmissions from other worlds. After losing funding from UC Berkely, the Allen Telescope Array (ATA) was just too costly to operate. Thankfully, more than 2,400 people chipped in and raised over $214,000 to be get the program back online and searching the skies by September. The list of donors is impressive. In addition to thousands of everyday folks the list includes the Ringworld author Larry Niven, Apollo 8 astronaut Bill Anders, and actress Jodie Foster who portrayed a SETI researcher in the film Contact. With one day left in this round of fundraising, the SETI Institute has raised nearly $15,000 more than they originally planned.

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    SETI Suspends Search for Alien Life Due to Lack of Funding

    The SETI Institute, that nifty organization that searches for extra-terrestrial life, claims that due to government cutbacks, it does not have the funds to sustain the search for alien life anymore, dooming Earthlings to find out about an alien invasion once we're already enslaved.

    On top of this suspension of SETI's search for alien life, the large field of radio dishes that SETI used to search for signals will be going into hibernation. Sad day for people who were hoping intelligent alien life would be discovered in their lifetime, at least, the kind of discovery that doesn't involve us being invaded.

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