1. Tech

    Apple and HTC End The Patent Lawsuit We Weren’t Paying Attention To

    After two years of saber-rattling and a ever-increasing stakes, Apple and HTC have finally settled their patent disputes. Wait a second. There's another melodramatic tech patent lawsuit and we didn't know about it?

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  2. Tech

    Facebook Settles Sponsored Story Suit By Donating $10 Million To Charity

    You may remember that Facebook got itself into a bit of a mess by using member's names and likenesses in a particular kind of advertising called "sponsored stories." This tactic utilized user activity to create ads that looked a lot like organic content, and very little like an ad. Needless to say, some people weren't particularly pleased and filed suit. A settlement was reached last month, but the details of the settlement have only just been made public. Turns out Facebook made the problem go away by donating $10 million to charity.

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